Hot Bench is not cancelled: Season 7 returning to TV this September

Court series Hot Bench sees a three-panel judge discuss several cases before delivering a verdict.

The popular daytime TV show is hosted by Tanya Acker, Patricia DiMango, and Michael Corriero. They oversee a range of claims put to them by guests sitting on the ‘hot bench’, who are accordingly dealt with by the bailiff Sonia Montejano. The idea for the show was created and produced by Judge Judith Sheindlin.

First airing in 2014, it was then renewed for a second season later that year. Ever since, it has become the popular company of many daytime TV viewers.

But as Hot Bench has been airing reruns, many fans are still waiting on new episodes to hit our screens. Some fans have even feared that the show has been cancelled, however that is not the case.

Hot Bench – Cr. Gary Rosen Communications

Has Hot Bench been cancelled?

No. Although CBS and TruTv have not officially made an announcement, a representative for the show has confirmed to Reality Titbit that it will be returning for its seventh season on Monday, September 14th with all new episodes.

According to, the last Hot Bench episode to air was on June 22, 2020. However a Hot Bench representative responded:


It has never been off the air.  It has just been in repeats.  In some markets, the show is changing stations.

Some fans have revealed that other daytime shows like Judge Judy have already been taken off the air in some USA areas, such as Kansas City, Missouri.  But fear not, as the Hot Bench representative, who is also a spokesperson for Judge Judy, has confirmed that the show is also returning on Monday, September 14th for its 25th season.

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Why did Hot Bench fans think the show was cancelled?

Drew Barrymore’s talk show is set to premiere on CBS from September 14th. And while many of her fans are over the moon, some of them fear that her show will replace shows like Hot Bench, Judge Judy and Dr Phil, to name a few. Steve Harvey’s talk show was cancelled and replaced with Kelly Clarkson’s new show in 2019.

Many regulars who tune in to Hot Bench to get the latest on court claims are now refusing to watch the replacement Drew Barrymore show.

One fan said: “I’m really upset they are putting Drew Barrymore in this time slot in DC. I won’t watch it.”

While another said: “We want Hot Bench to stay on TV, it keeps my pea thinking. A lot better than all those talk shows. With Hot Bench we learn.”

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How to watch Hot Bench

For the last 10 consecutive weeks, Hot Bench has been the second top USA show in daytime TV behind Judge Judy. It pulls in over 3 million viewers on the daily.

While fans wait, Hot Bench can still be binge-watched online. Luckily for fans, the court series can regularly be watched on their website. They give the latest updates on daily claim cases.

You can also submit a case on there and give them your own verdict!





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