ABC daytime show The View is back in 2023 with a brand new season. While the show’s co-hosts are the same, there are many new aspects to season 27 including the ladies “cute” coffee mugs. Ana Navarro, Alyssa Farah Griffin, Sunny Hostin, Joy Behar, Sara Haines and Whoopi Goldberg are all returning to the talk show this season.

Although fans were expecting to see all The View’s co-hosts on the September 5 premiere, Whoopi Goldberg was nowhere to be seen which left fans asking of her whereabouts. Viewers have had lots of questions about the ABC show since it kicked off again, including whether they can bag themselves a mug, too.

The View 2023 mug

In 2023, The View is back for season 27 and the ABC show comes complete with a whole new set, a daily podcast, and new mugs.

After a summer hiatus, which began on August 4, The View returned to screens on Tuesday, September 5.

Each season, the show is revitalized and the ladies often show off a new mug design.

Season 27 sees co-host Alyssa Farah Griffin on a The View mug for the very first time.

Fans love ABC show’s new mug

After The View went live on air on September 5, fans were immediately drawn to the new coffee mugs the ladies have on set.

Many took to Twitter to say that the mugs are “cute,” and that they “need” one.

Others asked whether they can purchase a The View mug and more said that they were “fabulous.”

Does The View have a merchandise store?

While ABC does have an online store that sells Good Morning America mugs and Golden Girls t-shirts, it sadly doesn’t sell The View mugs.

Unfortunately, as much as many fans are admiring the new drinkware, the mugs can’t be bought by the public.

A rep for ABC tells Reality Titbit: “They are not available for purchase.”

The new mug design features the faces of all the show’s current co-hosts holding mugs themselves.

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