Tionne Chambers is one of the 90 Day Fiancé UK stars appearing on season 2 in 2023. Just like the show’s USA version, 90 Day Fiancé sees couples who have connected from across the world spend time living together for the first time. During season 2, Tionne heads to her partner’s home country of the Dominican Republic.

In 2023, viewers get to follow the stories of Shane and Mert, Louise and Jose, Michael and Mercy, Robert and Assel, Kadie and Alejandro, Rebekah and Cristian, and Tionne and David. While some of the couples appear to settle into their lives well together, others are hitting roadblocks early on in the Discovery Channel series.

Meet Tionne from 90 Day Fiancé

90 Day Fiancé UK introduces fans to twenty-one-year-old Tionne.

She hails from Derby and has fallen in love with her partner, David, who lives across the globe.

Tionne is a “self-proclaimed princess” who is the only girl in her family.

She can be found on Instagram @tionne90dayfiance.

Tionne moves to the DR with David

During season 2 episode 9, Tionne flies out to Sosúa, Dominican Republic to live with David.

David is 24 years old, three years Tionne’s senior.

After bickering about whose cosmetics go where in the bathroom, Tionne refers to herself as a “princess,” and says that she’s going to “take her sweet time getting ready” for a dinner date arranged by David.

Speaking of the area of Sosúa, Tionne said that she “loves shopping,” but that it was “very rural.”

David said: “I really need her to like this place. I’m starting to panic.”

David puts a ring on it

Despite having to overcome some hurdles in their relationship, it seems that David and Tionne are on great terms in 2023.

Taking to Instagram on August 27, David (@david90dfuk) shares a gold ring that he gifted Tionne.

The Discovery+ star shares that the ring cost him $3000. He also shared a snap of himself and Tionne from episode 9 looking happy on his IG page.

Tionne commented pink hearts on his post, so it appears David and his “princess” are still in love.


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