Alaskan Bush People‘s fans are wondering if matriarch Ami Brown is still alive in 2022.

The popular Brown family is at the forefront of the Discovery show Alaskan Bush People. Billy and Ami Brown were parents to seven kids. The oldest of the seven children is Matt, 40. Then comes Bam Bam, 38, Bear, 35, Gabe, 32, Noah, 29, Snowbird, 27 and Rain, 19.

The siblings lost their dad Billy in February 2021. But is their mother Ami still alive.

Is Amir Brown still alive in 2022?

Yes, the Alaskan Bush People’s matriarch Ami Brown is still alive in 2022. The reality star is 59 years old now.

Back in 2017, she was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer, as reported by

However, the reality star finally beat cancer after a brief battle spanning a couple of years.

But as Ami recovered from cancer, the Brown family faced another tragedy. Their dad Billy passed away after suffering a seizure in 2021. He was 68 at the time.

Following her husband’s death and her cancer recovery, Ami is working on continuing her life without Billy.

Ami’s struggles have increased in the past few years

Many Alaskan Bush people fans love mama Ami for her strong character and resilient spirit.

The star has been through a lot in the past few years. Following her cancer battle, recovery and husband Billy’s unexpected death, she faced a lawsuit.

Screenrant notes that a Tennessee doctor named Robert Maughon reportedly filed the lawsuit against the late Billy’s estate and his family business, Alaska Wilderness Family Productions for an alleged breach of contract.

Ami had previously filed to dismiss the suit, stating “lack of subject matter jurisdiction.” But the case is still ongoing.

Moreover, the mother of seven is also struggling to sustain her ranch this season.

A recent episode of the series shows her son Bam stepping up to help Ami take care of the ranch as she struggles to keep it going.

“It’s definitely a problem that we are putting way more into the ranch than we are getting out of it,” Bam says in a confessional. He also highlights that the current method of running the ranch is costing Ami and the family a lot of work, money, and time to care for all the livestock.

Alaskan Bush People’s next episode comes out on

The Discovery show’s season 14’s episode seven entitled All Aboard The Barter Train was released on November 13.

The installment saw Noah finding his dream property on a remote, private island. But he has to carve out a barter deal due to a lack of enough money to put in as a deposit.

The next episode of the show comes out on November 20 and is entitled Gabe Against the Machine.



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