Rain Brown’s hand tattoo is the subject of the recent Alaskan Bush People episode, as cameras caught a glimpse of the ink recently. As she navigates grief following her dad Billy’s death, many are putting all their attention on Rain.

The self-confessed “wild child” has tattoos and piercings, and grew up surrounded by Discovery cameras. Alaskan Bush People hit TV screens when she was 11 years old, but now that Rain is 20, she’s making her own choices.

Those decisions include her huge hand tattoo, and another that fans spotted on her arm. So what is the tattoo on the opposite side of her palm? She first showed followers the ink in a January post where her hand is seen up close.

Rain Brown’s hand tattoo

Rain has a hand tattoo which she debuted up close on Instagram in January 2022. When asked if it is definitely a tattoo on her hand, she confirmed it was by replying: “Yes, Ma’am.” However, she was first spotted with it in October 2021.

Although she has never revealed the meaning behind her tattoo, a lot of fans assume it is a Viking tattoo. They usually represent power, strength, as well as an ode to the Gods and as a visual representation of their devotion to family.

Others have guessed that the tattoo is a big paw or a cat with ears, but she never usually has it on show. One fan claimed: “The tattoo is supposed to be a tribute to Mr Cupcake [a dog in the Brown family that died].”

Alaskan Bush star’s ink and piercings

The Alaskan Bush star had viewers convinced she got a tattoo on her inner left arm, but others are sure it’s not actually real. One fan wrote: “I can see it’s not a real tat, and I’m glad of that!! You’re too beautiful to do that to your body.”

Rain doesn’t just have tattoos on her body but she also has her nose pierced. She went through one of her biggest appearance changes at the end of November when she debuted her blonde hair.

Fans react to Rain’s ‘wild child’ tats

When Rain first described herself as a wild child, many were quick to leave their opinions. The majority were in awe of the Alaskan Bush star’s tattoos – which made her more relatable to Discovery viewers.

One follower wrote: “I was just curious what the tattoo on you hand is? I saw the one on your arm. It’s awesome.”

Another penned: “Love the tatts, I have Viking tatts. Very nice.”

“I just want to see the hand tattoo!!❤️,” commented a viewer eager to see Rain’s ink at a closer look.



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