Gold Rush fans ask what happened to Ashley Youle after her time on the show in past seasons.

Ashley starred on Gold Rush alongside her then-boyfriend, Parker Schnabel, however, in 2023, many Discovery viewers are asking of her whereabouts.

Parker and Ashley dated for over two years, she appeared on Gold Rush for two seasons but left after season 8.

During an episode of The Dirt, Christo Doyle tried to ask Parker the details of his split from Ashley, but he said he said: “I’m not going to talk about it.”

Who is Ashley Youle?

Ashley Youle is Gold Rush star Parker Schnabel’s ex-girlfriend.

She appeared on the show for two seasons but left in 2018.

Parker and Ashley met in Australia in 2011, reports Meaww.

Ashley is a veterinary nurse who hails from Australia.

During her time on Gold Rush, Parker joked that he invited her to the Yukon “for an adventure” and actually just put her to work on the gold mine.

Ashley said that she was asked to “help out” because Parker had a small team at the time.

She didn’t mind being treated “just like another crew member,” and laughed: “We’ve got sh** to do.”

Gold Rush: Parker’s rumored girlfriends

While Parker and Ashley appeared to have a great relationship, they officially split in 2018.

Speaking to Christo Doyle on The Dirt, Parker was reluctant to talk about his relationship with Ashley.

However, the Discovery star did say: “For the first week in North America I was burying my grandpa… It’s a lot of undealt with issues in my head…”

Since his split from Ashley, Parker has been linked to Tyler Mahoney and Sheena Cowell from Gold Rush.

Ashley looks loved up in 2023

After splitting from Parker around five years ago, it appears that Ashley is super loved-up in 2023.

She can be found on Instagram at @ashleyyoule with over 24k followers.

Ashley appears to be living life to the fullest in Australia and has a boyfriend called Mitch.


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