Street Outlaws star Larry “Axman” Roach usually has his wife Sarah at the sidelines while he races against competitors. Deemed his ‘biggest supporter’, he got down on one knee on New Year’s Day in 2016.

Several Discovery viewers have been asking just who Sarah Roach is following her regular appearances on the reality show, which follows the journey of underground racers who compete in return for a win – and big cash prizes.

It turns out that Sarah is just as competitive as her beau Axman, but in a totally different sport. She’s a weightlifting competitor who has raised a family with her Street Outlaws husband. 3, 2, 1… Let’s get to know her!

Sarah Roach, Street Outlaws: Gone Girl

Meet Axman’s wife Sarah

Sarah is a certified Crossfit trainer and with just one glance at her Instagram, you can see she is very athletic. She competes in both marathons and weightlifting competitions alongside being a full-time mother and wife.

For her main income, Axman’s wife runs Two Sisters Taproom & Deli in Altavista, Virginia, alongside her sibling. The family-owned restaurant and solar-powered facility with a main goal to treat their guests like family.

Deemed Axman’s biggest supporter, she is also a mom to daughter Nova, who was born in 2018. She also has a son called Cam, who is currently seven years of age Overall, Sarah and Axman have three kids together, including Nitro.

Axman proposed to Sarah in 2016

Axman and his wife Sarah got married in June 2016 after he proposed to her earlier that year on New Year’s Day. They had been dating for years and said they knew they were meant to be.

Ever since they got into a relationship, Sarah has been there to support him from the sidelines and is usually seen helping out at car racing set-ups alongside her beau, such as the recent NPK event.

They met after Sarah had become a mom to son Ryder from a previous relationship. “I probably couldn’t do it without Sarah. She does a lot more than people see, a lot more,” revealed Axman on a Street Outlaws episode.

Sarah is a car racer on Gone Girl

Sarah is similar to Axman when it comes to her passion for car racing, and is the owner of a 2014 Cadillac CTS V. She appears on the Street Outlaws spin-off Gone Girl, which aired on Discovery in 2021.

She upgraded her car’s fuel system to give the vehicle more power, but she doesn’t just race in it. She needs it to drive her kids to school and pick up groceries every day!

Axman’s wife said one of the best parts of having a new car is having a back-up camera. The mom-of-four also added that she wants to be known as “one of the fastest on the street”!



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