Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch star Duane Ollinger shares a photograph from his New Mexico land in 2023 showing a ‘bare’ footprint. The Discovery star has been exploring his new ranch ahead of season 3’s release alongside his team member, Charlie Snider.

Head of Security at Blind Frog Ranch, Charlie, and Duane have been sharing all kinds of findings with their social media followers in recent weeks.

Everything from the ranch’s wildlife, including owls and bears, to mysterious tracks and eye-catching art pieces have been posted to Instagram.

Duane Ollinger wears Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch uniform and glasses
Credit: Quest YouTube channel/Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch

Blind Frog Ranch bare footprint

Discovery star Duane posted a photograph of a ‘bare’ footprint on his New Mexico ranch on May 8, 2023.

The Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch star captioned his post: “Look to the right of shoe. Don’t shoot the messenger.”

Duane placed his foot in the shot to give some idea of the ‘bare’ footprint’s size to his followers.

The photo comes after some other curious-looking findings from Duane and Charlie Snider.

Fans give ‘Skinwalker’ theories

After seeing Duane Ollinger‘s mysterious footprint post, many fans took to the comments section to give their take on what could have created such an indent in the ground.

One fan marveled at the print’s size, writing: “Wow! That’s one big print!”

Another wrote: “Yes a foot print wonder who would be bare footed out there? Skinwalker??”

A skinwalker is reportedly a “witch” in Navajo culture. History writes: “The exact origins of the skinwalker mythos remain ambiguous, though they are generally said to have been evil witches with the ability to change their shape or take possession of animals and other people.”

Duane finds more footprints

Judging by Discovery star Duane’s Instagram post comments, many fans are eager for the release of Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch season 3.

Duane has been giving fans of the show a sneak peek at some of the oddities found at Hot Springs Ranch in New Mexico ahead of the new season in 2023.

Some of the footprints appear to be larger than others and some are indenting the ground much more.

Fans gave some guesses as to the tracks being from “grizzly bears,” however, Duane often leaves his snaps down to his followers’ interpretation.

Charlie has also shared photos from the new land including snaps of “pyramids,” “portals,” and evidence of a fire at the ranch.

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