Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch’s Charlie Snider took to Instagram in February 2023 to share some more mysteries with his followers, a rare trail marker.

The uniquely named ranch got its name when actual Blind Frogs were found while the owners were digging holes in the land. Although, the story behind the 160-acre ranch is a lot more bizarre. The show first landed on Discovery after passers-by were concerned that the land on which the ranch sat was cursed.

We’re not sure it’s actually cursed but they certainly have found some exciting things on Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch Let’s take a look at their most recent findings.

Duane Ollinger wears Blind Frog Ranch shirt while sat in big vehicle, looking ahead with windows surrounding him,
Credit: Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch / Quest TV YouTube

Charlie discovers a rare trail marker tree

Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch might not be on air at the minute. But people are still desperate to know what the gang is up to. Charlie, an OG member of the ranch team, has been keeping us up to date on his Instagram account by sharing his findings.

Joining him on his hunts is landowner Duane Ollinger and Duane’s son, Chad. The dream team has recently uncovered another great mystery whilst out hunting, the trail marker trees. They found a Caddo Indian trail marker, with a V limb site, pointing towards the river. These trees marked hunting and trade routes used by Caddo Indians.

In an Instagram reply, Charlie revealed: “If the weather will get better we can get back to filming.” This is just the news fans wanted to hear; as they have been desperate for the show to get back on Discovery.

Trail marker trees come in abundance on the ranch

Trail marker trees are clearly the gang’s latest obsession. On February 11, Charlie shared some more pictures of a mysterious tree. The caption to the post states: “Back on the hunt for trail marker trees today.”

Charlie shared with followers that he thinks these trees were made by the Caddo Tribe around 1800. It takes on average, about 10 years to train the tree by tying it down and trimming it, a square hole is cut in it to place things. 

The many mysteries At Blind Frog Ranch

The Blind Frog Ranch is based in Utah’s Uintah Basin. Which has sparked claims that there could be UFO activity going on at the property. Especially as it is located near the Sherman Ranch which is thought to be the site of UFO activities. We can confirm, that many amazing mysteries unfold on the ranch, let’s take a look at some.

The gang has been on a mission to find out what is hidden in the seven underground caves, as they believe there could be gold on the property. Another find that The Blind Frog Ranch team discovered whilst the cameras weren’t rolling is a big footprint on their land; which Duane shared with followers.

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