Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch star Charlie Snider shares that there had been a fire on the Ollingers’ land.

Taking to Instagram as fans patiently wait for Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch season 3 to come out, Charlie is often sharing updates from the new land.

After two seasons of exploring a ranch in Utah, the Blind Frog Ranch crew is now based in New Mexico and there are brand new oddities and mysteries to uncover.

Charlie Snider speaks and holds hand out in front of him wearing beige Blind Frog Ranch uniform
Credit: Quest TV YouTube channel

Charlie Snider shares videos from Blind Frog Ranch

Taking to Instagram in April 2023, Head of Security at Blind Frog Ranch, Charlie Snider, shared some filming from where he’s been exploring the land.

Duane Ollinger, his son, Chad, and Charlie spent two seasons uncovering all kinds of mysteries on their Utah land including gas clouds and Aztec gold.

Now Charlie is sharing videos from the family’s new New Mexico ranch which comes with a new set of secrets to explore.

There was a fire at Blind Frog Ranch

In his Instagram video, Charlie explained that he could see elk through the trees in New Mexico.

He also captioned the post: “Having some fun with the ladies today. Turkeys were on the other side of me.”

A fan wrote in the post’s comments section: “Nice. Looks likes there was a fire there.”

Charlie replied, confirming that a fire ravaged the land: “Yes, it got about 600 acres of the ranch.”

Wildlife is still flourishing in New Mexico

Thankfully, the flora and fauna on the New Mexico land is still flourishing despite there being a fire at Blind Frog Ranch.

Charlie’s Instagram posts have included snaps of snakes and owls. He also shared photos of some trail marker trees on the land.

Duane has also shared photos on his Instagram page of animals including bears. Mysterious footprints have also been spotted at the ranch.

Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch fans can expect to see some of the natural phenomena explored once season 3 hits screens in 2023.

The Discovery stars confirmed that filming is underway in 2023 but weather conditions did pose some initial risks.

Some setbacks for the cast and crew included snowy weather at the new ranch.

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