Blind Frog Ranch’s head of security Charlie Snider takes to Instagram in 2023 to share a ‘portal’ he spotted. The Discovery star sparked wonder with his mysterious snap leaving many of his followers curious to find out more.

Duane Ollinger, his son, Chad Ollinger, Charlie, and the rest of the crew have been starring in Discovery’s Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch since 2021.

The first two seasons of the show saw the team find all kinds of oddities including Aztec gold. The crew at Blind Frog Ranch had many hurdles to overcome in their search across the Utah land for treasure including gas clouds and intruders.

Charlie Snider looks across to Chad Ollinger wearing beige t shirt on Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch standing outside with mountainous background
Credit: Quest TV YouTube channel

Charlie shares his ranch findings

While Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch season 3 is currently still in filming, the show’s cast members have been sharing snaps from the new ranch.

Charlie, Duane, and Chad are ready to explore a new piece of land in New Mexico which is set to come with many new curiosities.

Charlie has been taking to Instagram to share some of his findings from the new land including trail marker trees, snakes, and owls on Blind Frog Ranch.

He snaps a ‘portal’ on Blind Frog Ranch land

Head of Security Charlie appears to never miss a trick when it comes to making discoveries at Blind Frog Ranch.

On May 9, 2023, he shared a photograph of a blue sky with some white cloud toward the edge of the shot and a mysterious darker circle in the middle of the image.

Charlie captioned the post: “While working on the ranch, a portal opened up. I wonder what came in or left”

Many of Charlie’s followers took to the comments section to share their surprise at the ‘portal’. Some wrote: “Wow,” while others simply shared open-mouthed emojis.

Duane also teases findings from New Mexico

Charlie Snider isn’t the only Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch star sharing some glimpses of the New Mexico land on social media.

Duane Ollinger has also been keeping his fans up-to-date with his findings including huge bear prints, mysterious heeled footprints, and some colorful artwork.

The crew is certainly keeping Blind Frog Ranch fans entertained as they await the hugely anticipated season 3 in 2023.

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