The mysteries at Blind Frog Ranch keep coming as one of the show’s cast members discovers a ‘pyramid’ on their new land.

From Aztec gold to ancient artifacts, there have been many odd findings on the Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch since the show first dropped.

Duane Ollinger and his son, Chad, both star in the Discovery series which first premiered in 2021.

The show has been renewed for another season in 2023 and the cast is set to begin filming imminently.

Blind Frog stars have a new ranch

Discovery stars Chad Ollinger and his father, Duane, are joined by Head of Security Charlie Snider at Blind Frog Ranch.

When the show was airing, Chad, Duane, Charlie and the rest of the team worked together to uncover all kinds of oddities on the Utah land.

Now, the Ollingers have a new ranch in New Mexico.

Charlie has been sharing snaps of some discoveries made on the new land as fans await season 3’s release.

Blind Frog Ranch pyramid

Taking to Instagram in 2023, Charlie has shared photos of many of his New Mexico findings.

He snapped a “gorgeous” owl on the land, and Duane also captured some interesting findings including huge footprints on the ranch.

On April 19, 2023, Charlie shared a post showing a pyramid he spotted in the distance while in New Mexico.

The Discovery star captioned his post: “While in New Mexico I found something I had not seen before. It’s a pyramid on this mountain in the middle of nowhere. Anyone know what it is”

He also replied to fans in the comments section, writing that he will “explore” the pyramid: “I plan on it. I found a road with an open gate but I didn’t have time to today. I have traveled that road many times and never seen it.”

New Mexico’s Pyramid Peak

Charlie’s snap taken from the New Mexico land shows the peak of a pyramid in the distance.

He’s yet to explore the pyramid some more. It appears that New Mexico has a very interesting landscape and there’s also a place called Pyramid Peak in the area.

Pyramid Peak, is the highest peak in the range of the Pyramid Mountains in Hidalgo County, New Mexico.

Discovery viewers will have to wait and see what discoveries the team makes during season 3.

For now, Duane and Charlie will likely keep sharing their mysterious discoveries on social media.

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