Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch fans have been waiting for a season 3 for over a year, and after a number of setbacks, we finally have the confirmation that filming has started in 2023.

The hit Discovery show follows the lives of Duane Ollinger and co as they hunt for treasure on the ranch, in hopes of finding Aztec gold.

We take a look at what the stars of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch have revealed about the new season.

The Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch crew pans for iridium in a pool of green water, Chad crouches next to water
Credit: Quest TV YouTube channel/Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch

Blind Frog Ranch stars begin filming for season 3 in 2023

The official Blind Frog Ranch Facebook page has confirmed that filming is underway, despite the snowy conditions. In an earlier post, Charlie Snider had informed fans that they were waiting on the weather to get better before they could begin filming.

In the caption, alongside pics of the snow, they wrote: “Current working conditions on Blind Frog Ranch! Thanks, Charles!#filmingSeason3.”

Fans were overjoyed with the news, as they rushed to the comments to share their excitement.

“Can’t wait!” wrote one excited fan.

“Welcome back to the basin!!” said another.

Speaking of the snowy conditions, one wrote: “Worst winter I have seen here in decades.”

Of course, fans were eager to know when the new season would air on screens, but unfortunately, we don’t have confirmation on that yet.

“Discovery will make that announcement,” the official Facebook page wrote.

Has Aztec Gold been found on the ranch?

No, as of yet, no Aztec gold has been found, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed for Duane Ollinger and the gang in season 3.

Despite, this there have been some interesting findings on the ranch, including a Cavern Aztec Box, one of their most exciting findings to date.

The box contained Gallium inside, and although it may have seemed a bit disappointing at first, it drew them to some interesting conclusions about the Aztecs, who they believed could have made it at the time.

Keep up with Charlie and Duane’s findings on Instagram

For those who can’t wait for an air date, Charlie and Duane keep followers posted with their findings regularly over on their Instagram accounts.

Most recently, Charlie Snider uncovered a ‘large footprint’ as well as a ‘pyramid’ on the New Mexico land.

So, if you want to keep up with the stars while we wait for season 3 filming to wrap, Duane can be found @duaneollinger and Charlie’s at @charlieboycrew.

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