Even when Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch isn’t airing, the team are still being mystified on a frequent basis by their findings on the land. Charlie Snider took to Instagram in February 2023 to share some more mysteries with his followers.

Charlie is an original member of the Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch team. He works alongside Duane Ollinger and Duane’s son, Chad Ollinger.

Together, the team attempt to uncover all kinds of mysteries on the land. There is said to be treasure on Duane’s Utah land, but the team encounters many obstacles when it comes to uncovering anything.

The Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch crew pans for iridium in a pool of green water, Chad crouches next to water
Credit: Quest TV YouTube channel/Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch

Who is Charlie Snider?

Charlie Snider is a retired Sheriff’s Deputy in the Ozarks, per Discovery.

He works alongside the owner of Blind Frog Ranch, Duane Ollinger. His bio states that he’s been on board with Duane “since day one.”

Given the fame of Blind Frog Ranch, the land is often attracting trespassers and Duane and co have even had thieves on their property. So, it goes without saying that it’s beneficial to have Charlie, AKA Charlie Boy, on the team.

Charlie Snider shares Blind Frog Ranch snap

The Blind Frog Ranch team are often taking to Instagram to share some of their findings with their followers even when the TV cameras aren’t rolling in 2023.

Duane shared a photograph on his IG page of a huge footprint on the land on

Now, on February 11, Charlie is sharing some of the mystifying natural occurrences happening on the Utah land.

He posted a snap of a tree and captioned the post: “Back on the hunt for trail marker trees today.”

Blind Frog Ranch trees

Charlie Snider’s ‘trail marker trees’ photo isn’t the first he has posted on his Instagram page.

He took to the ‘gram on February 3, too, and shared more photos of the trees on Blind Frog Ranch‘s land.

On Charlie’s latest trail marker tree post, he wrote in the comments of how the trees are formed: “it takes about 10 years to train the tree. Tying it down and trimming. A square hole is cut it it to place things.”

He also wrote: “I believe these are made by the Caddo Tribe around 1800.”


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