Since Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch dropped on the Discovery channel in 2021 fans have been hooked on the peculiar goings-on around Duane Ollinger’s land.

The Discovery show sees Duane, his son Chad Ollinger, team member Charlie Snider, and more crew members as they attempt to uncover the many mysteries on their Utah land.

In 2023, Duane confirmed that the show is set to return for a third season. There were still many mysteries left to solve at the end of season 2. But now, the Blind Frog Ranch crew is expanding to a brand new location in New Mexico.

Duane Ollinger confirms Blind Frog Ranch season 3

Blind Frog Ranch owner Duane Ollinger has confirmed in 2023 that Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch will return for season 3.

Duane let the cameras in on his Utah land back in 2021. Now, he’s set to uncover a new load of mysterious happenings in a brand new location.

The Discovery star confirmed that filming for season 3 begins on March 20, 2023, via Instagram.

Duane finds bear tracks at his ranch

Of course, Mystery At Bling Frog Ranch fans love an update and Duane Ollinger is here to give it to them.

He took to Instagram on March 7 to share some photographs he took at the new ranch.

Duane captioned the photo: “Hot Springs Ranch in Las Vegas New Mexico.”

The post contains two images. One shows a large bear footprint. The second shows a bear walking through some woodland.

New Mexico’s state animal is the black bear. But Duane didn’t confirm what type of bear he photographed on his IG page.

Charlie Snider spots more mysteries

Not only is head honcho Duane sharing snaps from the Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch land, but his co-star and crew member Charlie Snider is, too.

While Duane’s posts are usually more animal-related when it comes to the New Mexico land, Charlie has been posting many images of trees to his IG.

In 2023, Charlie has shared lots of snaps of what he says are trail marker trees on the land.

He captioned his tree post on March 7: “Not real sure about this one. It has all the bottom limbs cut off and hole cut in base. I think it came out of its binding to soon.”

Charlie has previously said that some of the trees could be around 150 years old.

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