The owner of Blind Frog Ranch shares a puzzling cloud image on his social media page in May 2023 as fans patiently wait for Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch to release. Duane Ollinger and his team have been uncovering all kinds of mysteries on their land for years now but the Discovery star warns “don’t shoot the messenger.”

When Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch fans last saw Duane and his son, Chad Ollinger, on the Discovery series, the men were discovering all kinds of oddities on their Utah land.

In 2023, season 3 of the show is set on Duane’s new ranch in New Mexico. As fans await season 3’s release, Duane and his head of security, Charlie Snider, have been sharing some findings from the new ranch.

Landscape view of Blind Frog Ranch land showing mountains and clouds
Credit: Quest TV YouTube channel

Blind Frog Ranch star shares cloud photo

Duane Ollinger and Charlie Snider are no strangers to spotting mysterious findings and posting them on their social media pages.

In May 2023, Charlie shared a snap of a ‘portal’ in the sky on his Instagram page. The Blind Frog Ranch team is always striking up wonder in their fans.

Duane’s latest post is no different, however, he specifies that the wasn’t taken on the ranch’s New Mexico land.

Duane warns ‘don’t shoot messenger’

Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch star Duane shared a photograph of a very unique-looking cloud on his Instagram page on May 24.

He wrote in the photo caption: “A good friend sent this to me. Taken in West Texas area. Don’t shoot the messengers.”

Discovery Channel star Duane often writes on his mysterious posts to not “shoot the messengers,” as he simply shares or captures photos of interest on his page.

Blind Frog Ranch fans think cloud is ‘wild’

Duane Ollinger clearly sparked some interest with his social media post. Many fans took to the comments section to give their take on the cloud formation.

One person wrote that the cloud looked “wild,” while more said it was “crazy-looking.”

Another said it was a “great shot,” commenting: “Wow!”

Some suggested that the cloud formation looks like rain. More said it could be linked to a “UFO.”

Others commented “Nope,” presumably in reference to the 2022 sci-fi film.

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