Blind Frog Ranch owner Duane Ollinger is sharing some of his latest mysterious findings on social media in 2023 as fans patiently await Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch season 3’s release. Duane shared a snap of some puzzling-looking art work which has fans asking lots of questions.

After viewers were given a glimpse into some of the mysteries Duane and Chad Ollinger had come across at Blind Frog Ranch in 2021, the show was renewed for a second season.

All kinds of mysterious treasures have been found on Duane Ollinger’s Utah land. He and his team, including Head of Security Charlie Snider, have been exploring the Ollingers’ new land in New Mexico ahead of season 3.

Chad and Duane Ollinger stand outside looking at something out of shot with grass in background
Credit: Quest TV YouTube channel

Blind Frog Ranch’s New Mexico land

While Discovery viewers await Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch season 3’s release in 2023, Duane Ollinger and Charlie have been teasing just some of the oddities they’ve been finding on the New Mexico ranch so far.

The Blind Frog Ranch in Utah has been left behind for now, and Chad, Duane, and Charlie appear to have their work cut out when it comes to exploring their new land.

Filming for season 3 was postponed due to snowy conditions at Blind Frog Ranch‘s New Mexico location. However, the stars of the show have confirmed via social media that filming is now underway.

Duane shares Blind Frog Ranch artwork

Taking to Instagram on April 28, 2023, Duane shared a post captioned: “Here we go” with his followers.

The Blind Frog Ranch owner shared a snap of some kind of artwork featuring engraved lettering.

The Discovery star gives no clue or size comparison to judge how big the item is.

Usually, Duane will place his boot next to bear pawprints found on the land to give his followers some perspective.

Fans are puzzled by Duane’s post

Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch fans appear puzzled at Duane’s latest finding, judging by their comments on his Instagram post.

One fan asked: “What’s this?”

Another said: “What is it Duane?”

Some commented confused-looking emojis and another wrote: “Some crazy looking writing?”

For now, fans will have to wait for Duane to reveal more details about the mysterious engraved artifact.

The Discovery star has also been sharing more of his findings from the new ranch on his social media including huge footprints, wildlife and Charlie also shared that there was a fire on the land.

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