Charlie Snider of Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch has reached new heights of discovery, but this time it’s not on the ground in Utah. It’s way up high on a mountain, as seen in Charlie’s recent Instagram post.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch was formed as a result of locals saying the land is cursed and holding on to treasures. Landowner Duane Ollinger is determined to find what is hidden in its caves in Utah, with the help of friends.

One of those friends is Charlie Snider, who keeps himself busy on and off camera. When he’s not discovering new animal prints in the sand or finding new unusual trees, the star is usually climbing mountains!

Charlie Snider on Blind Frog Ranch

Charlie has been busy filming Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch, which is confirmed for season 3. He is a retired Sheriff’s Deputy in the Ozarks, per Discovery, and works alongside the owner of Blind Frog Ranch, Duane.

His bio states that he’s been on board with Duane “since day one.” The Discovery star spends most of his days uncovering new occurrences in Utah, from mystery footprints to pyramids.

He posts mountainous trek on Instagram

Charlie took to Instagram on May 3 to reveal he spent half a day climbing to the 9,000ft peak of a mountain. Wearing a hat backward that reads ‘Utah,’ Charlie smiled for a picture with his friends.

He described the mountain as a “very steep and rugged” climb, which involved carrying a hefty 30lb pack. Charlie tagged the official Blind Frog Ranch social media page in the snapshot, where one of his friends holds a big shovel.

Just a few days ago, Charlie also came across what he believes to be a potential Spanish marker while exploring Utah. Duane shared the snapshots [below] which the star captured from a cave looking down at a cabin.

While exploring on BFR Charlie took photo from a cave looking down at cabin, and possibly found a Spanish marker 🤠👍

Posted by Blind Frog Ranch Outpost & Tours on Saturday, April 29, 2023

Charlie is working in snowy conditions

Charlie Snider’s Instagram revealed that he is working in snow-filled conditions. On April 22, he suggested the conditions are temporary by adding, “For now,” sharing a photo of a red danger sign.

In the comments, he is seen telling a fan: “When I left the ranch a little while ago, it was snowing pretty hard.” Blind Frog Ranch viewers are urging Charlie to “stay warm” while describing the view as “beautiful.”

Charlie isn’t the only Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch cast member facing difficult conditions. A Facebook post on Duane and Chad Ollinger’s page said that they are currently filming, but there have been several delays.

They revealed: “Discovery Network merger, unprecedented weather, and incredibly harsh work conditions on the ranch (nearly impossible).” Despite this, Charlie Snider often shares Instagram updates, such as a mystery tree snap.

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