Street Outlaws driver Daddy Dave isn’t waiting at the start line as he debuts his new racing car for No Prep Kings. Season 6 won’t see him in his usual “Goliath” Chevy II vehicle but instead a brand new Audi S5.

The car has already been dubbed the “cleanest” car on the racing track by fans. It was designed after Dave made a lot of use out of his Chevy II on the Discovery series’ numerous spinoff programs in recent years.

Purpose-built for NPK season 6 by Tynan Race Cars, Daddy Dave has shared on YouTube just how fresh his new wheels are, and fans are absolutely obsessed. From its engine to fresh components, Reality Titbit had a peek.

Daddy Dave’s new car

Dave Comstock, known as “Daddy Dave,” has a new set of wheels, an Audi S5. The car is powered by a ProCharger-boosted XRE Hemi built upon a 565 cubic-inch Noonan engine platform. 

FuelTech components including an FT600 EFI system, 720 lb/h FT Injectors, FTSPARK, EGT’s, and CDI coils are on the vehicle. The wheels are polished with RC Components, which explains how they are shining!

It was November 1 when Dave revealed his new Audi S5 at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada, which has remained there for several days. With the help of Tynan Race Cars, the car was finished in a factory Mazda color.

The 140mm ProCharger is tucked behind the oversized grille, while Audi snazzily projects its logo on the ground when the doors are opened. When the doors are closed, Dave’s “DDR” logo is featured.

Street Outlaws star’s racing career

Hailing from Shawnee, Oklahoma, Daddy Dave has had a passion for racing since a young age. When Dave turned 16 he started driving his father’s 1978 Chevrolet Impala car, which is where it all began.

Since then, he had a passion for cars and racing, which is what made him get involved in the scene. Back in 2009, he was racing a 1996 GMC Sonoma S10 pickup truck on popular reality TV show, Pinks.

It was then in 2013 when Dave was approached by Street Outlaws. Dave also has his own car repair shop called Comstock Auto Service, and runs a YouTube channel which gets around 100-180k views per video.

In 2021, his car took a unplanned right turn, causing him to crash into the wall. Thankfully, Dave walked away with no injuries. It happened a few years after a 2015 accident when his Chevy II flipped at least six times.

Fans react to Audi S5 wheels

When Daddy Dave unveiled his new car, Street Outlaws viewers were incredibly impressed. Hundreds of reactions were accumulated in just two days of the big reveal – with many excited to see any upcoming testing videos.

One fan wrote:

As an Audi guy I have to say this is real cool. I also liked Dave as one of the greatest guys in the 405 but now he upped it a notch. And as you all know and as Dave also knows it will hurt more to be beaten by an Audi. Looks great and look forward to see it racing. Congratulations with a beautiful car Dave.

Another penned: “Congratulations Daddy Dave!! Good looking car for sure. Now let’s go get that championship!! You deserve it. You have put a lot of hard work in and it’s time my friend. Thanks for sharing!!”

“Absolutely a stunner! Would expect nothing less from DDR. Can’t wait to see the upcoming testing videos!” said a fan.



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