Deadliest Catch is airing its nineteenth season in 2023. Fans are wondering what happened to one of the Discovery show’s crew members, Freddy Maugatai. While some Deadliest Catch fans fear that Freddy may have died in 2023, that certainly isn’t the case. He’s been back and forth as a cast member on the show, but thankfully the fan favorite is still alive today.

Given the Discovery Channel show’s name, there’s a whole lot of danger that comes with appearing on Deadliest Catch Crab fishing in the Bering Sea is no easy task. But, Freddy is certainly one of the show’s most memorable cast members who quite literally throws himself into every task with enthusiasm – and without fear.

Deadliest Catch crew worried Freddy ‘almost died’

When Freddy Maugatai was a cast member of Deadliest Catch in 2013, one instance had his fellow crew terrified that he could die.

Crabbing aboard the F/V Wizard with Captain Monte ‘Mouse’ Colburn in season 9, the crew noticed something floating in the Bering Sea which turned out to be a dead walrus.

Due to the value of the walrus, which the captain described as a “Bering Sea trophy,” the crew attempted to retrieve it from the ocean.

The team struggled to pull the walrus’ body from the sea, so Freddy took matters into his own hands.

He jumped off the boat into the sea and climbed on top of the walrus, terrifying his crewmates.

The captain shouted that Freddy was a “maniac,” adding: “Don’t do this to me.”

The show’s narrator explains that if he didn’t get out of the water in 60 seconds, hypothermia could set in and he could die.

Thankfully, Freddy didn’t die. His crewmates were on hand to throw him a life vest.

Discovery star is a fan favorite

Deadliest Catch’s Freddy was known on the show for having “no fear.”

In past seasons, fans often took to Twitter to comment on how he was “the toughest guy,” who brings “spirit” and is “hardworking.”

Another tweeted in 2019: “If there was an award for best all time deckhand for this show, has to be Freddy.”

Freddy joined the Discovery show in 2008 and was fired in 2011.

However, he did make a reappearance on the show and is back as a deckboss on the Time Bandit in season 19, writes IMDb.

We are going fishing Babyyy! To alll my families and friends please send your prayers for safe returns for alll the…

Posted by Freddy Maugatai on Sunday, June 19, 2022

Deadliest Catch’s Freddy in 2023

Freddy returned to Deadliest Catch in 2023, and fans appear to be super pleased to see him, per their tweets.

One person tweeted: “How has Freddie M not aged a day since this show premiered?”

The Deadliest Catch star shared a Facebook post in the Summer of 2022 captioned: “We are going fishing Babyyy!”

He also writes that he hails from Apia, Samoa and lives in Dutch Harbor, Alaska.

Freddy’s Instagram page, @freddymaugatai, shows him enjoying some time with his friends and family when he hasn’t been appearing on the Discovery show.


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