Deadliest Catch fans are expressing how much they “miss” the show’s theme song many seasons on from when the Discovery series first began.

In keeping with the show’s toughness, Deadliest Catch had a rock ‘n’ roll style theme tune when season 1 premiered.

However, nowadays, fans are asking where the theme song has gone. Many are wanting the rock tune to make a comeback to the Discovery show.

While many elements of the show have remained the same for the past 19 seasons, there have also been a lot of changes on the series. Sig Hansen and his family are still cast members of the show in 2023 along with Jake Anderson, Sophia “Bob” Nielsen, and more.

Sig Hansen attends Discovery 30th Anniversary Celebration wearing black jacket
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Deadliest Catch theme song

The Deadliest Catch crew members are used to living in tough conditions as they travel across the Bering Sea fishing for crab each season.

The Discovery show was accompanied by an introduction song by Bon Jovi when it first came out.

As action clips of the Cornelia Marie, Northwestern, and more fishing vessels play out on screen, the shots of the rough seas were tied together with Bon Jovi singing Wanted Dead Or Alive.

The Bon Jovi song came out in 1986 and was a track on the band’s Slippery When Wet album.

Fans say they ‘miss’ the theme tune

As Discovery’s Deadliest Catch continues to air in 2023, there are many fans taking to social media to say that they “miss” the show’s theme song.

One fan tweeted that the show “wasn’t the same” without the Bon Jovi song and asked where it had gone.

Another wrote: “Anyone else miss the “Wanted” theme song?”

In 2018, the show’s theme tune changed to Aerosmith’s Dream On – another rock song.

Some fans were keen to embrace the new theme song. One tweeted that they were “loving” the new tune.

Deadliest Catch season 19 trailer song

It’s safe to say that every season of Deadliest Catch is full of successes, failures, and all kinds of real-life drama.

When it comes to choosing songs to go alongside trailers and clips of the show, production never appear to miss a trick.

The Deadliest Catch season 19 trailer song is a female singer’s cover version Tears for Fears’ Mad World.


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