Jacob Hutchins on Deadliest Catch appears to get temporarily fired by Captain Keith on board the Wizard. Keith says Jacob is “done” and orders the deckhand to go to his room until they work things out later.

Captain Keith and Jacob don’t always see eye-to-eye, and it’s the second strike that he’s been given. Deckhands get three strikes before they actually get fired, and Jacob is getting closer to that final strike.

During Deadliest Catch‘s episode on May 2, Keith and Jacob have a face-off. Hutchins mouths off the Captain on the Discovery show, which doesn’t go too well, and simply ends with Jacob being sent to his room.

Jacob Hutchins on Deadliest Catch

Jacob is a deckhand on the Wizard, a boat featured on Deadliest Catch. He is best known for being a Bering Sea Crab fisherman who first appeared back in Season 14 as a crew member aboard the F/V Saga.

He has now returned in season 19 as a deckhand for Keith Colburn’s boat. The 33-year-old cast member from Olympia with a goal to become the Bering Sea’s first African-American crabbing captain.

Jacob is not just talented at fishing as he’s the lead singer of The Jacob Hutchins Band! Born in Austin, Texas, adopted at four months old, and raised in Seabeck and Bremerton, he is the second youngest of 12 adopted children.

Captain Keith sends Jacob to his room

Captain Keith gets angry when Jacob Hutchins says he would enjoy doing the bait for a while. Jacob responds with, “I hope so because that’s far away from you, that’s what I like.” However, Keith then changes his mind.

He tells Jacob, “Again, already you start the day like this!” Keith adds that Jacob wouldn’t be doing the bait anymore and sends him to his room, before telling the other deckhand that the Wizard has a “four-man deck.”

Jacob apologizes to Keith

Captain Keith Colburn reportedly tells Jacob, as per Pop Culture: “I don’t know what it is about me that rubs you the wrong way, but you gotta just get over that, man.” He goes on to reveal he once fired Robby, who came back to work.

“I’m saying we’re in the middle of the trip, and we need you, okay?” adds Keith. Jacob responds: “I’m not trying to piss you off. I’m sorry for disrespecting you, Monte. And I’m sorry for disrespecting you too, Keith.

“I’ll listen to what you guys have to say. Can I help these guys out, please?” Keith then instructs Jacob to “bust his a**” to prove he is worth having a deckhand role on the Wizard.


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