Mandy Hansen first appeared on Deadliest Catch alongside her dad Sig when she was just 13, and now they’re setting sail on an exciting adventure together.

Now aged 26, she’s heading to the Arctic Circle with her beloved father in Discovery’s latest spin-off, Deadliest Catch: The Viking Returns.

The show will follow them as they journey to their ancestors’ homeland alongside Mandy’s husband Clark Pederson, who she welcomed daughter Sailor Marie with last year.

Let’s find out more about the sweet family and the journey they’re embarking on together…

Deadliest Catch's Nancy and dad Sig on board the Northwestern
Deadliest Catch’s Nancy and dad Sig on board the Northwestern | Credit: Discovery

Who is Mandy Hansen?

Mandy is one of Sig and wife June’s adopted daughters. They also share Nina, and Sig has a daughter from a previous relationship too.

Mandy made her first appearance on Deadliest Catch back in 2009 when she was just 13 years old, and in 2014 she became a more permanent fixture on the show.

She’s also starred in a number of spin-offs, including Unfinished Business, which saw her training to take over the family business.

She also took on the role of relief captain for episodes The Sinking of the F/V Scandies Rose and How to Beat the Russians.

Deadliest Catch's Nancy on board the Northwestern
Deadliest Catch’s Nancy on board the Northwestern | Credit: Discovery

And it looks like her talents will be put to good use, with Sig saying he’ll be handing the business over to Mandy and Clark when he retires.

Following some health scares, Sig told Entertainment Weekly in 2019: “Mandy and her husband can take it and run. They are young, they got this.

“For me, I’m done. I got a foot out the door. My mentality is different from what it was 20 years ago. You only get so many chances. I’m hoping it makes sense.”

But exactly when he’ll retire remains to be seen as he admitted he “wants to stop” but that his “ego” won’t let him just yet.

Mandy’s adorable family

Mandy’s husband Clark is as well-versed in king crab fishing as she is, with years of experience in the industry.

It’s believed the couple had been dating for three years before he popped the question on TV.

They tied the knot in a traditional Norwegian wedding in June 2017 and welcomed baby Sailor Marie together in November 2021.

Speaking about her daughter’s unique name, Mandy said: “We wanted something that reflects our family’s Scandinavian heritage as well as our lifestyle and profession.

“With my husband and I both working on the Bering Sea of Alaska as commercial crab fishermen, naming our daughter Sailor Marie is a perfect fit.”

Mandy and Clark tragically lost a baby to miscarriage in 2019.

She shared the sad news with her followers on Instagram.

Alongside a picture of a babygrow and a tiny pair of booties, she wrote: “Though I lost you my previous season onboard, I still think about you everyday.

“Words cannot describe the hurt and the love I still feel for you. May we meet one day little one. Momma’s got you in her heart forever and ever”.

Mandy often shares snippets from her life off screen with her followers, including some throwback snaps from her wedding as she marked their fifth anniversary earlier this year.

The Viking Returns

Mandy’s latest Instagram update is a trailer for her new show The Viking Returns.

Sharing the teaser, she told her fans: “This show is about family and paying respect to our lineage Watch #DeadliestCatch: The Viking Returns tonight at 9p ET on @Discovery, and streaming on @discoveryplus

In the clip, Sig tells her: “Well, I want you guys to be successful here and I want you to feel like you’re a part of it.

“And I really feel like you can get a future out of this and you’ve got to try, take that risk with me, you know.

“And I’ve already had in the back of my mind I want you guys to be partners. I wasn’t going to say it now, but I really want you to be partners, I want you to care as much as I do.”

He asks Mandy and Clark: “Do you understand? Deal?” They both agree and Sig pulls his daughter into an embrace.

Deadliest Catch: The Viking Returns airs Tuesdays at 9pm ET on Discovery


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