Deadliest Catch is back in 2023 with its nineteenth season. This year, there are many returning faces on the Discovery show including Sig Hansen and Jake Anderson. There are also some newcomers to the series including Captain Bob who appears alongside Jake in season 19. Her breakout haul on the F/V Victory results in a crash on Deadliest Catch.

Viewers get to know Captain Sophie ‘Bob’ Nielsen during the Discovery Channel show. After getting to grips with being aboard a crabbing vessel under the guidance of Jake, she takes to the seas in her boat, the F/V Victory later in the show. However, it’s certainly not plain sailing for Sophia during episode 11.

Captain Bob looks shocked as she tries to steer the Victory away from another ship after collision
Credit: @DeadliestCatch Twitter page

Deadliest Catch’s Victory crashes

During Deadliest Catch season 19 episode 11, Captain Bob can be seen aboard the F/V Victory.

Everything appears calm on the crabbing vessel before she notices another boat getting closer to hers.

The third-generation fisherman says: “Damn, he is so close, it’s crazy.”

She then begins to panic and attempts to steer the boat away as it is crashed into by the other vessel.

Captain Bob learned from Jake Anderson

Speaking to Vegas Film Critic in 2023, Captain Bob said that working with Jake “showed her what it means to be a great captain and a great leader.”

Jake added that Captain Bob “has had experience before. She has her own boat. And she has had a lot of teaching from her brothers… she already understood engineering and how to steer…”

Jake continued that Bob already had a vast understanding of the boats, but he had to teach her about crab fishing and the pots.

She inherited the Victory

Captain Bob’s father passed away when she was young.

She wants to continue her father’s legacy with the F/V Victory after inheriting it from him.

Speaking to Vegas Film Critic, the Deadliest Catch star said that she didn’t work with her father on the boats when he was alive.

She said: “It took for him to pass away for me to finally jump on the boats, start diving into the fishing career and see what it’s all about.”

Back in May, the Discovery Channel star took to Instagram to share the extensive repair work that was carried out on the Victory.

Captain Bob wrote: “Repairs are coming along great. Some new planks, new deck, and refastening all the forward cleats along with the anchor wench. Crunch time.”


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