Duane Ollinger is often keeping his Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch fans up to date with the latest via Instagram. As season 3 of the Discovery show looms, Duane shares a snap featuring his new hair in 2023.

Duane and his son, Chad Ollinger, are stars of the Discovery series. Charlie Snider, Head of Security at Blind Frog Ranch, is also a main cast member on the show.

Charlie is often sharing all kinds of findings and oddities from the New Mexico ranch ahead of the show’s new season’s release. Both Charlie and Duane have posted evidence showing some of the new ranch’s wildlife. They’ve also teased some of the mysteries that may be to come on the show including huge ‘heeled footprints’ and bear tracks.

Duane Ollinger wears Blind Frog Ranch cap and shirt and dark sunglasses
Credit: Quest TV YouTube channel

Duane Ollinger’s new hair

Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch star Duane shared a snap on May 14, 2023, of himself outside wearing a wetsuit.

Duane Ollinger is surrounded by all kinds of tools and equipment and had many of his fans taking to the comments section of the post to ask questions.

He poses in the snap wearing sunglasses and his scuba gear and sports a brand-new hairstyle.

Since Duane appeared on his Discovery show in 2021, he’s had long hair but, judging by his new photo, he’s opted for a new style for season 3.

One fan commented: “Chopped all that hair off??!!”

Duane says ‘big things’ are coming

Many fans of Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch are “waiting patiently” for season 3 to come around.

Duane captioned his photo: “Big stuff coming in season three. Pull your hat down on all the things taking place. Don’t shoot the messengers.”

Given that he’s said that “big stuff” is set to arrive with the new season, tonnes of Discovery viewers are keen to know when the show is set to come out.

Many are asking for release dates as well as the channel the show will air on in Duane’s comments.

One person wrote: “So looking forward to seeing your next season. Hoping we get some answers to all of the mysteries.”

Mysteries await at Blind Frog Ranch in season 3

Duane says “big things” are to come in season 3 and judging by the number of posts he and Charlie have shared, season 3 will be jam-packed with mysteries.

Charlie has spotted ‘pyramids’, ‘portals’, as well as snapping photos of the New Mexico ranch including an area that was hit by a huge fire spanning 600 acres of land.

The Discovery stars have also shared ‘footprints’, owls, marker trees, and bear tracks from the new Las Vegas ranch.

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