Street Outlaws' Freakin' Rican clearly loves a Mustang as he rides horses on TikTok


Street Outlaws' Freakin' Rican clearly loves a Mustang as he rides horses on TikTok

Since 2013, Discovery Channel’s Street Outlaws has been giving fans all the thrill and excitement of illegal street racing without the risk of being involved. The show follows famous street racers including JJ Da Boss, Kye Kelly, Jeff Lutz and many more.

Freakin’ Rican is also a cast member on Discovery’s Street Outlaws, so let’s find out more about him. According to Hot Cars, he’s known in the racing world as the guy who can “get you anything” as long as you don’t ask where he got it from.

Screenshot: Freakin Rican Racing and B&R Performance get ready for race night in this deleted scene from last night’s episode – Street Outlaws official Facebook page

Meet Freakin’ Rican from Street Outlaws

Jose Rivera AKA Freakin’ Rican originally hails from Puerto Rico but later moved to Oklahoma City.

He works alongside renowned racer Ryan Martin who won Street Outlaws No Prep Kings. Ryan and Jose work together at B&R racing.

Freakin’ Rican hasn’t made it onto The List yet. He appeared on episodes of the show back in 2013, 2014 and 2018 as per Discovery and viewers’ tweets.

In 2013, one fan tweeted: “Come on Jose” in support of the racer.

He’s known as ‘the guy who can get you anything’

Street Outlaws star Freakin’ Rican is well connected in the racing community. As per Hot Cars: “He is known as the guy that can get you anything”.

Hot Cars added an example of when Freakin’ Rican has used his connections: “Fellow racers Big Chief and Shawn wanted some fireworks (which are illegal where they live) and Rican said he’d hook them up only if they will get him a race with Farmtruck for the number 10 spot.”

Freakin’ Rican drives a 1991 Mustang GT with ‘baby tyres’. In 2013, Freakin’ Rican said in 2013 that he was “excited” to show everyone that a small Ford motor and small tyres could race with the best of them.

Rican’s car is dubbed Freak of Nature.

Is Freakin’ Rican on Instagram?

Yes! Discovery star Freakin’ Rican can be found on Instagram under the handle @frknrcn.

He has over 4.3K followers and often takes to the ‘gram to share snaps of his life including his family, racing and photos with his many fans.

Freakin’ Rican is also on TikTok where he shares videos of himself taking part in rodeo events. He can be found on TikTok under the same handle.



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