Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine star KC Morgan says that his wife has been reported missing during the show in 2022. Dave Turin’s Lost Mine returned for its fourth season in 2022 and features cast members including Nate Clark, Aryn Rowe and Lance Baller.

Team Turin is on a mission to find gold in an abandoned mine in 2022. The show kicked off from Friday, May 20th at 9 pm ET on Discovery. During season 4, Dave and his team set their sights on Montana in a bid to get a huge payday.

Gold Rush White Water KC Morgan
Screenshot: Did A Crew Member Just Sabotage The Team’s Search For Gold? | Gold Rush: White Water

Who is KC Morgan?

KC Morgan is a Gold Rush star who has been a cast member on Dave Turin’s Lost Mine since 2019.

He also appeared on Gold Rush: White Water in 2019 alongside Fred and Dustin Hurt.

KC is clearly a very adaptable gold miner as he also appeared on the Winter’s Fortune season in 2021 and The Dirt in 2020.

The experienced miner can be found on Instagram with over 8.4K followers @goldrushkc.

Gold Rush star says his wife is missing

During Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine season 4 episode 8, viewers are given a snippet of what’s to come in the next episode airing on July 15th.

Some “shocking” news is said to “rock Team Turin to its core” during episode 9. KC Morgan can be seen saying that his wife is “missing” and that “search and rescue is out looking for her”.

KC is clearly distraught during the episode, finding out that his wife, Vee Morgan, may not be safe.

Vee apologises to KC on Instagram

Judging by both KC and Vee’s Instagram pages in 2022, the family is safely back together. KC took to IG to share a photo of himself, his wife and their son celebrating 4th July in 2022.

In an Instagram post from August 2021, Vee explained why a search and rescue team was looking for her. She wrote that he had gone for a hike with her brother and ended up on the wrong trail: “…so I backtracked to where the spring was and slept there until morning, because at that point I couldn’t see anything. I woke up when daylight hit and hiked the last five miles and made it to the top where I flagged a bus down and had them call search and rescue.”

Vee clearly made it home safely and prior to Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine episode 9 airing, she took to Instagram Stories to apologise to her husband.

Vee Morgan Instagram Story
Screenshot: Vee Morgan Instagram Stories (@exploringvee)



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