Gold Rush is still airing in 2023 and season 13 brings with it a new cast member – Buzz Legault.

Despite Gold Rush White Water disappearing from the Discovery schedule for some time, the original Gold Rush show is still airing on Fridays.

Each mining season, the Gold Rush teams work tirelessly in dangerous conditions in a bid to find their fortune. Now, Buzz is on board to help the teams. So, let’s find out more about him and his “best friend,” Samson.

Gold Rush season 12 welcomed a newbie

Buzz Legault first appeared on Gold Rush in January 2022, during season 12. He made his Discovery show debut during an episode titled Little Eldorado per IMDb.

In 2022, Gold Rush season 13 premiered. The series kicked off on Friday, September 30.

Season 13 focuses on multiple mining crews led by Parker Schnabel, Tony Beets, Fred Lewis, and the Clayton Brothers.

Buzz also returns to the show alongside the Clayton Brothers and co.

Who is Buzz from Gold Rush?

Bastian Legault, AKA Buzz, is a cast member on Discovery show Gold Rush.

He can be seen helping out Fred Lewis during January 2023 episodes of the show.

Buzz has only appeared on Gold Rush for season 13 but he’s garnered many fans already, judging by people’s tweets.

One person wrote on a Gold Rush Twitter thread: “I think buzz is more than just a fixer hes a gold miner.. Maybe a touch of a good farmer.”

Another tweeted: “Everyone needs their Buzz fix don’t miss it Friday night.”

Buzz and Samson are besties

Buzz appears on Gold Rush helping out other mining teams such as Fred Lewis’ and the Clayton Brothers.

He writes in his Instagram bio: “eat sleep mine gold repeat.”

Buzz’s “best friend” is his dog, Samson. His IG page is filled with photos of his pup and it’s clear that it’s not only Buzz who loves Samson.

One person commented on an Instagram post of his, writing: “Coolest dog ever; when we were saying our goodbyes, he got me to hold his paw for like 20 minutes.”

Another suggested that Samson “needs his own show.”

Find Gold Rush star Buzz on Instagram at @officialbuzzlegault. Judging by his IG posts, Buzz has been mining for some time and enjoys jet-setting around the world, tagging himself in locations including Rome and London.



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