Dakota Fred Hurt, famed for his role on Gold Rush White Water, has tragically been diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer.

Hurt has spent over a decade making “TV gold” as part of Discovery‘s popular Gold Rush cast whilst embarking on his gold-digging adventures, more notably diving for gold in Alaska’s thrilling whitewater.

Fans have long been wondering why Fred left Gold Rush and if he’d come back but the “bolt from the blue” medical diagnosis has taken many by surprise.

Dakota Fred Hurt diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer.

The news of his diagnosis was confirmed in a statement by his entertainment company, Thrill of the Hunt Entertainment.

Fred has only recently ventured into the world of film production as co-owner of a production company but he has already made big plans for several film projects in the works. He also posted the tragic news to his official Facebook account, as fans flooded the comments with messages of support.

The entertainment company reveals that he is currently looking at a range of possible treatment options. Despite the diagnosis, the company says the thrill-seeker remains in good spirits. Fred has said of his cancer diagnosis: “I’ve lived a full 80 years of an interesting life. If I emerge from this dark diagnosis, I’ll have another adventure to share with you folks.”

Dakota Fred Hurt finds fame on Discoverey’s Gold Rush White Water

Hurt has starred in Gold Rush White Water on Discovery with his son, Dustin since it debuted in 2018.

The show follows Hurt and his crew looking for gold in Alaska’s treacherous waters, it was a spin-off of “Gold Rush. However, the show went on hiatus last fall, although it appears it was nothing to do with Hurt’s diagnosis. Fans dubbed the mid-season break “not cool” after they got confused when Gold Lies and Videotape aired instead of the gold-digging show.

The executive producer of the show, Tim Dalby, revealed in a social media post that Gold Rush: White Water, was going on a long hiatus. He claimed that an executive at Discovery-Warner Bros decided to take the show off the air for three months, in the middle of the current season.

It is currently unknown how Dakota’s diagnosis will affect the proceedings of the show. Fans have

Fans share messages of support for Gold Rush star

Upon the news of Hurt’s diagnosis, fans have shared messages of support for the Gold Rush star. One user commented under his most recent Instagram post: “Sending prayers, Fred. Stay strong. You’ve got this!!”

Another user wrote a lengthy tribute to Fred, via Facebook, penning: “I am so sad to read this! My husband always watches Discovery & I saw an episode many years ago of Gold Rush, I adored you & continued to watch religiously because of you!”

One poignant message stated: “Praying for you Fred, you’ve been such an inspiration to so many! And we appreciate you!!!”

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