Heather Smith from Naked and Afraid: Castaways is certainly making her mark in the wilderness. With just days to survive, she is a survivalist but not just that. Heather is also a grandmother and fishing guide in the real world.

It’s not Heather’s first rodeo on Naked and Afraid. She actually appeared on the show’s original version a while ago, like most of her fellow cast members. So, who is Heather and where have we seen her before?

Heather from Naked and Afraid

Heather Smith from Naked and Afraid: Castaways is a mother, grandmother, and fishing guide. She was on Naked and Afraid once before, on the season 15 episode called Sucker Punched in South Africa.

Trio Dallas, Heather, and Sean tackled extreme weather, natural predators, and in-fighting in their quest to survive 21 days in Limpokwena, South Africa. The survivalist is an angler, adventurist and is a survivor of the OG show.

Her biggest strengths involve “being a single mother,” as a mom to three children. She said her sense of humor is “something she brings to the table,” such as her quote, “I’m going down faster than Kanye West‘s presidential bid.”

She’s hailed ‘repulsive’ after fire bust-up

Heather was called a “repulsive contestant” after just one episode on Naked and Afraid. A Reddit thread states, “Just watched the episode, I’m blown away with her behavior and the lows she sunk to. Truly a person with no conscience.”

During her one episode, she had a fight with her co-stars about making fire. And during her Castaways appearance, Heather plans to get into a confrontation after a “catty comment” made by a co-star.

She revealed that there were “a lot of personalities she had to contend with.” When she was on the OG show, Heather told Sean, “Cry about your Dad,” who also said: “If I had let go of that fish, I would’ve never heard the end of it.”

Heather is a grandmother and fishing guide

Heather is a grandmother and fishing guide. And although she received criticism for her first episode, she has acquired a whole load of fans. From Rayburn, the new grandmother owns Heather Smith Outdoors in Lake Sam.

“Heather is savvy, beautiful, the epitome of professional, an amazing mother, and can fish circles around most of us,” wrote Desert Rat Outdoors. At home, she is a single mom with three children and a new granddaughter.

She trained for Naked and Afraid near the U.S. border with Canada. Heather has already excelled in the challenge of surviving a stay in the wilderness for 21 days, and therefore her Castaways journey has fans hooked.


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