Gary from Naked and Afraid: Last Man Standing was hailed a “wild card” before his elimination. Being the oldest contestant wasn’t a factor that got in Gary Golding’s way, as he attempted to last over 45 days in the jungle trying to fend for himself. So, how old is Gary on Naked and Afraid?

Known as Tarzan, Gary left Last Man Standing with a PSR of 9.8 and was applauded by Discovery Channel viewers from the beginning of the spin-off. Many are asking how old Gary is after he made it to the final, despite some assuming he would tap out of the competition much earlier. We have all the details on Gary’s age and successful years.

How old is Gary on Naked and Afraid?

Gary is in his forties, although his Cameo page still states he is 30 and was born on May 30. One fan wrote: “Sad to see you go, Gary, respect!! Old dude out there and a great survivalist. Mr. Delicioso!! Cheers.”

Another penned: “Gary you were and are an absolute soldier! You’re the oldest man there and you gave it your all!”

“Damn Gary that last episode was hard to watch for sure, I felt really bad for ya with that stupid ember, but you sure kicked ass for all us older guys!!!” reacted a fellow Naked and Afraid viewer.

While he is the oldest survivalist in the challenge, Gary thrives on being underestimated and hopes to use his agility and skillset as a scavenger to be the ultimate wildcard.

Gary’s time on Naked and Afraid

A native of Queensland with Australian roots from Bundaberg township, Gary has appeared on five Naked and Afraid challenges. He told Cal Sports Man Mag: “When I was 6 or 7, I was given a buck knife to wear on my hip.”

He knew how to make French toast by the age of nine, and did his own laundry at seven years old. He also said, “I had that Tom Brown book – Tom Brown’s Field Guide to Wilderness Survival – from when I was a little boy.”

Gary added: “And I read that when I was like 12 years old and held onto it forever. I even took it to Brazil with me.”

He works as a teacher in LA

Gary teaches young children about nature, self reliance and stewardship for the planet at prestigious environmental schools throughout Los Angeles. He is also an in-house bee specialist at an award-winning non-profit!

He also guides visitors and locals throughout the Los Angeles wilderness, such as down the L.A. River on kayaks, snorkeling, and hiking along the beaches, amongst other adventures.


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