Moonshiners star Tim Smith took to Twitter on March 6 2023 to let his followers know that Josh Owens’ “arms are working fine.”

The post appears to address ongoing rumors that Josh was recently involved in a serious motorcycle accident.

The Moonshiners star posted a photo of himself next to his motorbike to Instagram on March 4.

Over the weekend, fans filled Josh’s comments sections with prayers and hopes that he is OK. So, what happened to Josh Owens? Let’s find out more…

Josh Owens is a Moonshiner

Josh Owens is a full-time cast member on the Discovery show Moonshiners, which is now in its 12th season.

The series follows the lives and craft of master distillers as they make moonshine in the Appalachian Mountains.

Josh has appeared on the show for over 10 years alongside fellow moonshiners Jeff, Mark, Digger, and co.

Fans flood Josh’s social media with prayers

On March 6, 2023, Moonshiners fans took to social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to share that they were “sending prayers” to Josh.

Judging by some Facebook posts, Reality Titbit can gather that Josh was in a motorcycle accident at Daytona Supercross but is currently in stable condition.

Facebook user, Ikonik Lenz Multimedia, wrote: “The injuries are said to be severe.”


Everyone let's remember Moonshiner and moto cross racer Josh Owens….He had an accident on his motorcycle and was hurt…

Posted by Allison Moss Bellan on Sunday, March 5, 2023

Please keep our brother Josh Owens in prayer🙏 I've gotten so many calls & messages that I haven't answered & I'm sorry….

Posted by Jessica Read on Sunday, March 5, 2023

Please keep Moonshiner Josh Owens in your thoughts. He had a motorcycle accident while racing in Daytona yesterday. The injuries are said to be severe. 🙏❤️😔😢🙏

Posted by Ikonik Lenz Multimedia on Sunday, March 5, 2023

Tim Smith says Josh’s ‘arms work fine’

After accident rumors picked up, many fans took to Josh’s most recent Instagram post from March 2023 to send him well wishes and prayers.

His Moonshiners co-star, Tim Smith, thanked people for their “love, prayers, and support,” and asked them to continue praying in his tweet.

Tim gave an update that both of Josh’s “arms are working fine,” but that there’s still a way to go in his recovery.

Josh and Tim have been starring on Moonshiners for six seasons together. Tim has been making moonshine since season 1 in 2011.

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