Kye Kelley's speedy Street Outlaws wins drove him to a massive fortune
Screenshot: Kye Kelley Takes a Huge Risk with His Car Setup | Street Outlaws: America's List, Discovery YouTube

Kye Kelley's speedy Street Outlaws wins drove him to a massive fortune

Kye Kelley is known for his speedy races on Street Outlaws. His best friend is basically the finish line, but just how much has he earned himself from his underground racing career? Like his wife Lizzy, he’s extremely successful.

From making it to the top 25 on show spin-off America’s List to his full-time job as the owner and operator of Kye Kelley Racing, little did some fans know that he temporarily quit the adrenaline-filled sport in 2018.

His break didn’t last long though, with his passion for racing far too strong to wave goodbye forever. His massive net worth earned himself a new car called The Shocker which was a modified 1992 Chevy Camaro.

Kye Kelley’s 2022 net worth

Kye has accumulated a whopping $500K net worth since he began racing. One huge contributor to his fortune is becoming the Discovery Channel Street Outlaws Cash Days Champion twice!

Known to have the fastest car in the world, he has won numerous events while driving The Shocker. The vehicle is an original steel body 1984 Chevrolet Camaro complete with Mickey Thompson Tyres and a Moser rear end.

Despite his massive fortune, Kye said he’s “on the same budget as he was before… a Magnolia, Mississippi boy budget” and revealed that travelling for track events is difficult due to its upfront expenses and parts costs, as well as repairs.

His new car on Street Outlaws

Kye’s fresh wheels Street Shocker were built by Wizard Race Cars. He posted on YouTube a month ago that new components were being tested on the car, as pieces of the original shocker are being added to the new vehicle.

He plans to get the car ready for No Prep Kings. At the beginning of May, Kye revealed “business will pick up soon” as the last final touches are added to the vehicle. It comes after his Shocker car was involved in an accident in January.

Kye has been driving two other cars Showstopper and Aftershock since the accident, which was destroyed in the lead-up to Street Outlaws: America’s List filming. He has since announced that his dad Larry is building two shockers.

Lizzy Musi’s huge fortune

Kye’s wife Lizzy has been just as fortunate in the racing world, and has topped his net worth at $1 million in 2022. The husband-and-wife duo run their own online merchandise store for Street Outlaws fans.

Also a racer like Kye, the female driver is known for her fast car as an original cast member who has starred on the show since its launch in 2013. She was involved in a “top end crash” at a racing event on the same day Kye proposed.

She drives a car called Bonnie, but is no stranger to fame. Lizzy is related to 8-time Pro Street World Champion Pat Musi. ‘Pat Musi Racing Engines’ are known to power street cars and championship-winning racers!



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