Blind Frog Ranch’s Charlie Snider uncovers a ‘large footprint’ in April 2023 as he hunts across the new land for quirky oddities and unexplained mysteries.

As fans patiently wait for Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch season 3 to hit screens, Charlie Snider and Duane Ollinger are sharing some snaps from the ranch.

From “gorgeous” owls to deer, elk, and bears, there is no end of wildlife for the Blind Frog Ranch team to keep track of.

As well as the animal life on Duane’s New Mexico land, the men have discovered some mysterious findings such as what they think could be UFOs and distant ‘pyramids‘.

Charlie and Duane’s findings

In 2023, Charlie Snider and Duane Ollinger have been exploring the new Blind Frog Ranch in New Mexico.

The Discovery stars have uncovered many mysterious findings that they share on a regular basis on social media.

Charlie has previously shared snaps of ‘trail marker trees’ on the land and Duane spotted what he thinks are bear tracks on his new ranch.

Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch is set to return

Duane and his son, Chad Ollinger, as well as Head of Security, Charlie, are all set to return for another season of Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch in 2023.

The Blind Frog Ranch crew confirmed via social media that they are filming for season 3 this Spring.

While the mysteries set to be explored on the show are yet to be revealed, Duane and Charlie are giving their fans some teasers as to what could be to come in the new series.

Blind Frog Ranch’s ‘large footprint’

Taking to Instagram on April 20, 2023, Charlie said that he was back on the “hunt” in New Mexico.

The security specialist took a photograph of what he thinks could be a “very large footprint” alongside his wooden-handled knife.

Charlie captioned the post: “On the hunt again today. That’s a very large footprint. You can see the toe indentations if you blow it up.”

One commenter wrote on Charlie’s post: “That is a large foot print. Maybe a bear double step?”

However, he responded that the print “has a heel.”

Duane also commented on the Instagram post, writing: “Nice Charlie Boy. You know.”

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