After the success in New Zealand and Australia, Gold Rush Parker’s Trail is back for season 6 in 2023, as Parker and the cast travel to South America in search of $100 million dollars in gold, and we take a look at their Instagram, including returning cast member Tyler.

The Discovery series is a spin-off from the highly acclaimed Gold Rush, that follows the adventures of miners as they search for gold in the wilderness.

We take a look at the Gold Rush Parker’s Trail 2023 cast, and if there’s been any change in the line-up for season 6.

Meet the Gold Rush Parker’s Trail Cast season 6 2023 cast on Instagram

Speaking on the release, on his social media, Parker said: “Best adventure ever will be airing next month….it was pretty brutal but amazing country, people, and of course gold :)”

The trailer hints trouble

It seems like it won’t be an easy ride for the Gold Rush Parker’s trail season 6 2023 cast as the trailer sees them run into a lot of hard obstacles.

The project starts off promising, however, the gang is hit by a powerful flood that hits the region in Peru.

A medical emergency also arises for Parker who can be heard saying: “I really don’t feel good.” He then appears to have an IV drip in him, whilst proclaiming that he is ‘genuinely scared.’

A voice in the background, which sounds like a doctor can be heard saying: “He’s not well at all.”

Gold Rush fans can’t wait for the new series

After the ending of Gold Rush fans, can’t wait for the new series of the spin-off, as they shared their excitement on social media.

“Stoked to watch tomorrow,” wrote one.

“Now I’m ready for some Parker’s trail!!!! Woohoo” exclaimed another.

“Can’t wait to watch it,” commented one fan.


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