The team is back at the ranch, to continue the investigations of the strange happenings and fans are desperate to know which cast members will be in The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch season four.

The History Channel show follows what goes down at Skinwalker Ranch which has had lots of extra-terrestrial and paranormal activity over the past couple of decades. When the new owner brings in investigators, we get to watch the mysteries unfold.

It is widely assumed that whoever is in attendance at The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch Live, a new live tour that kicks off in May 2023, will also appear in the series.

Let’s take a look at what the Discovery show has in store for season 4.

The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch season 4 cast

Dr. Travis Taylor

Travis S. Taylor is an aerospace engineer, scientist, and science fiction author. Travis is well known to viewers of the History Channel television as he appeared on Ancient Aliens and The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch. 

Erik Bard

Bard is the principal investigator who returns for the upcoming season. Erik has installed a new surveillance system that constantly keeps oversight of the ranch and its mysterious happenings.

Thomas Winterton

Tom Winterton is the ranch superintendent and a native of the Uintah Basin. The business mogul is the founder and operator of many companies and first joined the Skinwalker Ranch team in 2014.

Bryant ‘Dragon’ Arnold

Bryant “Dragon” Arnold is the head of security at Skinwalker Ranch. In the third season, Dragon took on bigger operations and often had to help the team out with radiation issues and drive them to safety.

Brandon Fugal

Brandon Fugal is the owner of Skinwalker Ranch after buying the property in 2016 from Robert Bigelow.

He bought the ranch in order to study the unexplained happenings. As the Chairman of Colliers International in Utah, Brandon is a big businessman in the area.

Jim Morse

Jim Morse aka Uncle Jim is the ranch manager. Meaning he is responsible for bringing in experts to explain the ranch’s paranormal activity. Whilst he is less hands-on in the physical investigations, Morse still plays a vital role in the series.

Kandus Linde and Tom Lewis

The caretakers of Skinwalker Ranch are Anthropologist Kandus Linde and Tom Lewis, a Technologist. The duo loves animals and their job is mostly to keep an eye on the cattle and animals on the ranch.

Who could guest on the series?

While we await news of whether there’s going to be a third season of Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch. Season four of Skinwalker Ranch will be your Utah fix as season 4 releases in May 2023.

The series may also include guest casts who have appeared in the previous seasons. This includes Linda Moulton-Howe, Ryan Skinner, Jenn Rook, Colonel John B. Alexander, George Knapp, Rabbi Ariel Bar Tzadok, James Keenan, Gary Herbert, Kaleb Bench, and Seth Shostak.

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