Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch will be back for a third season, so before the new episodes air, we look at what treasures have been found on the land up until 2023.

The Discovery show sees Duane Ollinger and the rest of the crew hunt for treasure on the Utah land, as they believe a vast fortune of Aztec gold is buried somewhere in the property. The property is located near Skinwalker Ranch, which is known for its paranormal activity.

We take a look at what’s been found on the reach so far.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch Treasure found up until 2023

Duane Ollinger and the rest of the Blind Frog Ranch gang are looking for Aztec treasures on the Utah land.

The crew has found many fascinating finds, including radioactive rocks, a metal bracelet, and coins, however, no Aztec gold has been found yet.

The crew did find a Cavern Aztec Box, which was one of their most exciting finds to date. They found cylinders in the box, and after examination, found that there was gallium inside.

The metal is a soft silvery metal with a melting point of 85.6 Fahrenheit. It’s commonly used in electronic circuits and LED panels.

It’s most sought-after for incredibly efficient high-tech solar panels.

Gallium raised a lot of questions

Although it may have been a letdown, the gallium created more of a mystery for the gang. The metal was only discovered in 1875, however, theirs was found in an Aztec-aged box underwater in a cave.

They then drew a conclusion that the Aztecs may have made this stuff, and it would have to be valuable as they went through all this trouble to hide it.

Of course, fans discussed the findings among themselves on Twitter.

Duane and Charlie keep viewers up to date with the latest findings

Although the show is not airing at the moment, Duane and Charlie Snider keep viewers updated on their Instagram posts.

Duane found a footprint, which sparked mystery for fans. The image was taken on his new ranch, over in Las Vegas, and suggested some footprints may be from bears.

“Looks like a dinosaur print,” commented one fan.

“Wow! Not human!” wrote another.

The stars have also confirmed a return for season 3, although Charlie did confirm they were waiting for the weather to pick up so they can start over on his Instagram page.

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