Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch’s Charlie Snider has taken to his Instagram to share snaps of an owl he discovered, as he prepares for season 3 of the hit show.

The Discovery show sees the star, alongside Duane Ollinger and co., attempt to uncover the many mysteries on their Utah land. Since the show is not airing at the moment, they like to keep their followers in the loop via social media.

We take a closer look into Charlie Snider’s recent findings.

Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch’s Charlie Snider finds owl

The Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch star took to his Instagram to share a rare owl finding with his followers. Taking to the caption, he wrote:

“I found Mr Owl sitting in a tree and picked him up and took him with me. He hung out for several days and then he was taken to a farm where he flew away.”

One follower commented: “He’s gorgeous. Such a natural beauty!”

The star took both a close-up of the owl, and a wildlife shot of the owl sitting in a tree. The original Blind Frog Ranch star is known for sharing snaps of trees and wildlife, as recently he informed his followers that he was on the hunt for Native American marker trees.

Charlie continues to find interesting wildlife

This isn’t the first time Charlie Snider has shown his findings on social media. Just recently, he also shared a snap of a tufted titmouse he found.

“Hi to my little friend. It’s a tufted titmouse that came by to say hello,” he wrote in the caption.

His followers were loving his documentation, with one writing: “You find the most interesting things! Such a cute little guy!”

“Awe cute! Hope you are well!!” wrote another.

The star confirms Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch season 3

Duane and Charlie had recently confirmed Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch season 3, and now Charlie has updated fans on the progress.

In his Instagram comments, he wrote: “Waiting on weather to get better so we can get started on Season 3.”

We’ve not yet got a release date for the new season, but now we know it’s underway, we can get excited. Until then, we’ll keep a lookout for any interesting discoveries on their social media pages.

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