Duane Ollinger and his team are still uncovering mysteries at Blind Frog Ranch in 2023.

Even when cameras aren’t rolling for Discovery show Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch, Duane, and Charlie Snider are sharing different oddities with their Instagram followers from their land.

Season 3 of the show is set to return in 2023. This time, the Ollingers and their crew are finding mysteries on new land on their fresh ranch based in New Mexico.

Duane Ollinger shares mysterious Blind Frog Ranch snaps

While Mystery At Blind Frog Ranch season 3 is currently in filming, Duane Ollinger is keeping his fans up to date via Instagram.

The Discovery star is piquing fans’ interest with his mysterious posts in 2023.

The series was originally filmed on Duane’s ranch in Utah. Both seasons 1 and 2 uncovered mysteries there. However, for season 3 Duane, Chad, and co are switching up locations.

Charlie also shares Blind Frog Ranch pics

It looks like Duane has been finding many different puzzling things on his new land, judging by his Instagram posts.

However, his crew member, Charlie Snider, has also been showing his finds on Instagram, too.

Charlie often takes to social media to share photos of the land. He specifically showcases the trail marker trees that he has found on the ranch.

He writes that some of the trees may be 150 years old.

Duane uncovers huge footprint

In March 2023, Duane shared a photograph of a huge footprint with his followers.

The Discovery star placed his foot next to the footprint to show its size.

Many fans commented on the image to ask if there was more than one footprint in the area.

Duane also shared more tracks that he has found on his land. He suggested that some of the tracks may be from bears as he posted a snap of the bear print next to a bear on his land.

He said that the image was taken on his new ranch in Las Vegas.

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