Naked and Afraid: Last Man Standing 2023’s winner was revealed on the July 16 episode. The final saw Steven, Gary, Waz, Jeff, and Dan compete to win the grand cash prize. So, who won the grueling season?

The Discovery Channel spin-off saw 12 of the most demanding and most experienced all-stars from Naked and Afraid take on South Africa’s punishing Oribi Gorge in a completely new type of challenge. With five left in the grand finale, fans are asking who was crowned the winner. Jeff and Steven were fan faves, but did they win?

Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing 2023 winner

Waz Addy won Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing 2023, against Steven, Dan, Jeff, and Gary. He got the first ever 10.0 PSR and took home a whopping $100K cash prize for his efforts in the challenge!

He was one of five men who lasted more than 45 days in the jungle, having to fend for themselves without any clothes. The last two left standing were both Waz and Dan after Steven, Jeff and Gary were eliminated in the first two hours.

Waz won several challenges in the 2023 season, with many attributing his decision to put coals under each fire spot to his win. Dan was still making the way down the mountain to his extraction point when Waz got his crown.

Waz ‘feels blessed’ with partner Laura

Waz is still a “man on an unfinished journey” following his Last One Standing win, but is feeling blessed to have his partner, Laura Saurus, by his side. They went on a family trip to Arkansas when the winning results came out.

He continues to focus on family and writes in his bio: “As a father I want to be more, as a partner I want to do better. Creating my own path.” After graduating high school in 1998, he joined the police and became a detective senior.

The Naked and Afraid winner sells positive clothing, including a t-shirt designed by his eight-year-old daughter. He has a Shopify store with quotes like, ‘Control your Controllables’ and, ‘Manify the love the flows through you.’

Fans are divided over who won Last Man Standing

Several viewers had their bets on Jeff to win Last Man Standing, but many are applauding Waz, as well as Dan. One fan wrote: “Jeff is the only one who treated it like a competition. Everybody needed everyone else to survive.”

Another penned: “The way #Waz and #Dan acted at the end was the true meaning of sportsmanship and great energy. Yes, it’s a competition but you don’t have to be a slithering snake to win.”

“Underestimated Waz. Thought he was just talking….guy obviously is pure legit. Congratulations!” reacted a fellow fan.

Many felt the win was “stolen” by Waz, as well as Dan. “Waz and Dan still helping each other so whoever wins, are they gonna split the money? It’s basically cheating,” questioned a viewer.


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