Not everyone is up for the challenge of surviving in the wilderness naked with a stranger. But Discovery series Naked and Afraid proves that some are keen to get back to basics and endure some brutal conditions. The show returns with a spin-off series – Naked and Afraid Last One Standing – so let’s take a look at the rules.

Sunday, May 7 sees the return of 12 Naked and Afraid OGs to the wilderness. There’s a cash prize of $100,000 up for grabs for the survivalist who can make it through the grueling competition. Fans will have seen the 12 contestants before, but this time around the rules of the game are different.

Naked and Afraid Last One Standing rules

Naked and Afraid has been airing since 2013, but 10 years on from when the show first began, there are some rule changes to learn about.

The Discovery Channel show’s Last One Standing spin-off sees the 12 contestants attempt 45 days surviving in the African wilderness.

They begin the challenge with nothing but a machete and a fire starter. These items are available to all contestants.

Every seven days the competitors migrate to a new survival location to “test the limits of their skill and endurance.”

During their nomadic survival experience, for the first 21 days, the pairs of contestants must survive together.

A rule change that they didn’t see coming involved what happens if one member of the team wants to “tap out.”. If either partner chooses to tap out, both people will be eliminated.

Rule Changes Surprise Survivalists | Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing

Thems the rules 🗺👑 #NakedandAfraid: Last One Standing🗓 Premieres Sunday, May 7 at 8p ET on Discovery

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Naked and Afraid contestants put to ultimate test

The 12 Naked and Afraid alums return for the Last One Standing spin-off in 2023.

They begin their time on the show with access to a machete and a fire starter. However, more survival tools are to be found during the competition. The tools are located on a map provided every seven days.

Throughout the 45-day experience, the teams have to work together using their survival skills to earn the tools

There is a limited number of bows and other advanced tools laid out across the map as well as “scavenged kills.”

Who are the Last One Standing contestants?

The first Naked and Afraid Last One Standing season kicked off in 2023. The 12 contestants taking part include:

There’s a cash prize of $100,000 up for grabs for the Discovery show’s winner and, of course, bragging right of being crowned Last One Standing.


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