Naked and Afraid star Matt Wright had a leg injury which meant he was forced to exit Last One Standing. Following his sudden departure from the show, fans are “heartbroken” and seriously miss the ‘savage’ participant. So, what happened to Matt before his injury and where is he now?

Survivalists compete head-to-head through a grueling, multiphase challenge and have their primitive skills tested for the chance to win $100,000 on Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing. After 45 days, only one participant can be crowned the winner and take home the cash. Unfortunately, it was the end for Matt Wright.

Matt Wright looks down slightly in close-up shot, with paint on face and black necklace round neck.
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Naked and Afraid: Matt’s injury

Naked and Afraid star Matt Wright had a leg injury during the July 9 episode. This forced him to be eliminated from Last One Standing despite being a favorite to win after his leg was seen spasming after an injury.

He said: “My leg is definitely still injured. Whatever I did, I did a dandy on it. I know that today is going to be painful. Is it going to hinder me? I don’t think so. I’m not going to let it.”

To avoid elimination, the last few standing would have to embark on a multi-stage water challenge. Matt’s leg was hurting with a burnlike sensation, which led to him having to limp before being eliminated.

Last One Standing fans ‘heartbroken’

After seeing that Matt Wright was eliminated following his ongoing leg injury, Last One Standing fans have been absolutely gutted. Many have taken to his Instagram, as well as Twitter, to share their heartbreak.

One fan wrote: “Forever my #1. Love everything about you @extreme_instinct my heart broke tonight but so proud of you and the fact that truly everyone knows you are the best and this injury is what got the best of you. Love you.

“Get better and see you next time Savage. My days are just a little more enjoyable when you’re in them. 😭.” Another penned: “You’re still a savage!! I’m an even bigger fan after seeing you continue with that injury. 👏👏”

“My heart is so broken that Matt was eliminated tonight. To me, he’s still The King The Savage, and one of the nicest guys on naked and afraid! I hope his injury is not going to be permanent,” reacted a viewer.

Where Matt Wright is today

When Naked and Afraid fans personally asked Matt on a Facebook group how his leg is doing, he replied on July 9: “Unfortunately I can’t talk about the leg yet because of NDA stuff but I can in a couple of weeks.”

The Last One Standing series was filmed in late 2022, with the star having been active on social media and appearing to look well in recent interviews in 2023. When a fan suggested a medicine for nerve damage, Matt replied:

Thank you for the information, I will have to look into it. Full update on the leg will be on a Facebook live in a couple weeks once the season is over.

Matt also liked a comment from a fan who guessed he had a torn calf muscle. The Discovery Channel star himself didn’t know exactly how he injured himself but was eliminated as he didn’t make it to the final round before Jeff.


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