Naked and Afraid XL: Frozen's locations are deemed as 'most punishing'

Naked and Afraid XL: Frozen's locations are deemed as 'most punishing'

Unlike the previous seasons, you will witness some clothes on Naked and Afraid XL: Frozen and that’s only because the show was shot in one of the most punishing locations ever”, notes Discovery.

Season 9 dropped today, July 31, and fans have already started picking their favorites.

As the show will follow the contestants’ quest to survive for the next couple of days, the viewers are curious to know where Naked and Afraid XL: Frozen was filmed.

Wanna | Official Teaser | Netflix

Wanna | Official Teaser | Netflix

Naked and Afraid XL: Frozen location

The latest season of Naked and Afraid XL has been filmed in the Rocky Mountains in Montana.

Located in the heart of Montana, the Rockies are believed to be the most famous of all North American mountains.

It has seventy-seven ranges, which gives Montana the name “Land of the Shining Mountains.”

The Rocky Mountains are said to experience significant snow for a period of eight months every year, usually starting at the end of September until the end of May.

The snowfall lasts for about four months.

Season 9 comes with several challenges

According to the description on the network’s official site, the contestants will be faced with a number of challenges in the freezing conditions such as frostbite and sub-freezing temperatures, and hypothermia.

The winner will have to last the fourteen “punishing days and nights” to emerge a winner.

The show is further described as: “Dropped into one of the most punishing locations ever attempted – Montana’s windswept and snow-covered Rocky Mountains – these elite survivalists will be tested like never before.”

Season 9 premiered at 8 pm ET on Discovery and DiscoveryPlus.

When will the next episode air?

The next episode of Naked and Afraid XL: Frozen will drop on August 7, 2022, on Discovery and Discovery Plus.

The contestants include Jake N, Gabrielle B, Ky F, Trish B, Joe O., Sara B, Wes H, Sarah B, Waz A., Jermaine J., Jeremy M., Rod B.

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