Naked and Afraid is a show like no other, where two strangers meet in the wilderness, so of course, conflict is expected from time to time, which is what seems to happen between Omar and Raven.

The Discovery show has been on our screens since 2013, and after ten years and 15 seasons, fans haven’t gotten bored as every episode, and every couple is completely different. You never know what kind of pairing you’re going to be introduced to.

We take a closer look at what seems to be going down between Omar and Raven on Naked and Afraid and what fans have to say on the matter.

Omar and Raven butt heads on Naked and Afraid

Omar and Raven feature on episode 8 of season 15 of the show, and unfortunately, they’re not the best of friends.

We’ve seen some solid couples throughout the seasons, so much so that some viewers question whether anyone has hooked up on Naked and Afraid.

Raven hails from Chicago whereas Omar comes from Utah, but the two have come together in the Columbian wilderness.

Although they seem to be getting on great at first, it doesn’t last long as a communication breakdown leads to a whole load of drama, as they both feel like they’re talking over each other.

“I don’t feel like we hate each other at all, I just feel like we’re trying to figure each other out,” explains Omar to the camera, before the two have a conversation to apologize.

However, it seems like they just don’t understand each other as it leads to an even bigger altercation with them both interrupting each other again, and Omar ends up saying he ‘doesn’t know if he can stay here.’

Fans say they ‘don’t want to watch’

It seems like fans have gotten used to too much peace in the wilderness, as some of them on Instagram say they ‘don’t want to watch this week’ because of the drama.

In the clip, the pair can be seen having numerous arguments which seem to get more and more escalated.

“This was upsetting and makes me not want to watch this episode, so I won’t,” wrote one viewer.

Another said: “They are ‘working it out’ in their own way. Curious to see how this plays out.”

However, it seems like some fans are living for the drama as one wrote: “I’m so excited for this show.”

Omar and Raven interact on Instagram

Although the tension may have gotten too much in the wilderness, it seems like the two are now on good terms, or speaking terms at least.

On Omar’s post promoting the show, Raven took to the post to write: “And we weren’t even hangry yet,” alongside a laughing emoji.

Omar then replied: “ha ha ha yep this is when we were getting along!!!” again, alongside a laughing emoji. It’s nice to see they can laugh about their disagreements now!

You can follow Naked and Afraid’s Omar over on Instagram @doe_nieven_trip, while Raven can be found @ravenwanderlust. They both follow each other on the platform so it seems like they’ve made up for any disagreements now they’re back to their normal lives (with clothes).


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