Parker Schnabel is a Gold Rush OG who stars in another series of his spin-off Parker’s Trail in 2023. Fans ask if Parker has an illness during the show.

After seven years of the original Gold Rush series, Parker starred in the first season of his spin-off show in 2017.

Now, Parker’s Trail is back in 2023 and this time he’s in South America.

While there appears to be a huge opportunity for Parker to find gold on his trip, he comes up against mother nature in more ways than one during season 6.

What was Parker Schnabel’s illness?

During Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail season 6, Parker Schnabel gets seriously ill.

He suffers from a severe case of altitude sickness during the trip after traveling up to the highest mine site in the world.

Discovery writes on TikTok that “when traveling above 8,000ft too quickly, you can develop altitude sickness.”

Many fans of the show have asked where Parker’s Trail is filmed in 2023 after the gold miner spent previous seasons in New Zealand and Australia.


After a trip to the highest #mine site in the world, Parker develops a severe case of altitude sickness. 🏔️🤕 GoldRush: Parker’s Trail When traveling above 8,000ft too quickly, you can develop altitude sickness. 🗻 Lack of oxygen can cause mild symptoms like a headache and fatigue, but can become more severe with symptoms like shortness of breath and nausea.

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He was placed on an IV drip

Parker’s altitude sickness was so severe that he had to be placed on an IV drip during the South America trip.

A clip from Gold Rush: Parker’s Trail sees Parker throwing up and his team members looking extremely concerned.

Many fans of the show sent prayers to Parker for a speedy recovery in the comments section.

Dr Diego Lazarzaburu said during the episode: “If he doesn’t improve I’m making the call… the trip is over…”

However, the Gold Rush crew’s trip still continued.

On April 21, Dr Diego shared some information on altitude sickness on his Instagram page.

Parker shares snaps from South America

Despite facing some hurdles during his time in South America, judging by Parker’s Instagram page, he enjoyed his time there.

Parker’s Trail kicked off on April 7 on Discovery.

Sharing the news of his upcoming series, Parker shared: “Best adventure ever will be airing next month….it was pretty brutal but amazing country, people and of course gold :).”

Parker’s time in South America saw him say that going into an underground mine was pretty risky: “It’s definitely something out of another world.”


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