Parker Schnabel's net worth proves it pays off to be a gold miner

Parker Schnabel's net worth proves it pays off to be a gold miner

Parker Schnabel has been gold mining since he was just five years old. He first experienced finding nuggets on his grandfather’s mine in Haines, Alaska. Gold mining is in his blood and at 18 he moved up to the Klondike per Discovery. Over the years, Parker has accumulated an impressive net worth.

He’s one of Gold Rush‘s best-known cast members and has appeared on the show since 2010. Parker started out leasing land from Tony Beets and made millions in his late teens through gold mining. So, let’s take a look at his net worth in 2022.

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Parker comes from a gold mining family

Gold Rush’s Parker was born into a gold mining family.

His grandfather owned Alaska’s Big Nugget Mine.

At 16 years old, Parker became a mine boss and between the ages of 18 and 24, he mined a total of over $13 million dollars worth of gold per Discovery.

Parker Schnabel’s net worth

In 2022, Celebrity Net Worth reports that Parker’s net worth stands at $8M.

His net worth has been built up over the years from gold mining and from appearing on Discovery’s Gold Rush and it’s spin-off shows.

Parker has had his own spin-off series from the show including Parker’s Trail which premiered in 2017.

The Gold Rush star has travelled the world

As well as earning millions, Parker’s career has enabled him to travel around the world. Discovery writes that he’s gone “from the historic Chilkoot Trail of the Klondike Gold Rush to Guyana and Papua New Guinea.”

In most recent seasons of Parker’s Trail, he’s been based in Australia and works alongside Tyler Mahoney.

Parker has an Instagram following of almost 470K and can be found under the handle @goldrushparker. He also has over 200K followers on Twitter and 1.8M followers on Facebook.

He’s been on Gold Rush since season 1 and has tonnes of fans all over the globe. One person tweeted on September 9th, 2022: “Parker is the only reason I still watch #GoldRush.”

Parker often keeps his fans up-to-date via Facebook and Instagram. A new season of Gold Rush is set to air on October 23rd, 2022.



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