A new captain has joined the Deadliest Catch gang! Rip Carlton is the latest cast member of the hit Discovery Plus show and it’s said he’s searching for redemption.

Rip joined Sig Hansen, Wild Bill, Josh Harris and Jake Anderson when he signed up for the hit docuseries’ 18th season this year.

Working at the helm of the F/V Patricia Lee, he’s one of many making a living off the dangerous job of crab fishing.

So let’s find out more about him…

Who is Rip Carlton?

Rip is 64 and originally hails from Seattle but has lived in Alaska since he was 18.

Rip Carlton on board the Patricia Lee on Deadliest Catch
Rip Carlton on board the Patricia Lee on Deadliest Catch | Credit: Discovery

He once said he was taking up a career in crab fishing in a bid to fund his dream of moving to Europe, but now has 46 years of experience in the industry.

He told OPB: “I just went up to try to earn some money to go race cars in Europe like every 18-year-old. I mean, why not?

“I was convinced and once I decided that that wasn’t the route I was going to go, I decided that I was going to try to become a captain.”

But Rip found that getting to the top in the crab fishing game was no easy task.

He started out as a deckhand and eventually worked his way up to captain.

Rip Carlton speaks into the radio on board the Patricia Lee on Deadliest Catch
Rip Carlton speaks into the radio on board the Patricia Lee on Deadliest Catch | Credit: Discovery

He said: “When I got up there my eyes were open wide. I knew nothing about fishing, absolutely nothing.”

Rip’s time in the crab fishing game certainly seems to have paid off though, as according to Gossip Next Door he has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

That will only increase after he signed up for Deadliest Catch, as captains are said to be paid $100,000 per season for just a few months of filming.

Is Rip Carlton married?

Rip is married to Cindy King Carlton and they share a 23-year-old son named Derek, who is actually the person who convinced him to do the show. The happy couple live in Bend, Oregon.

Cindy also has a son named Nathan.

The star says he finally agreed to join Deadliest Catch after being asked several times over the years, and after some encouragement from Derek.

He told Bend Bulletin: “They’ve asked me and my boat to do it for quite a few years. And I’ve always said no… I really didn’t have the desire to do it.”

But he’s glad he changed his mind, adding: “They do a really good job of showing just how difficult of a job it is because it’s really hard.

“I love it and I never wanted to do anything else once I got going, but they do a pretty good job of showing how hard it is. When you see the show, you won’t even believe it.”

Is Rip Carlton on Instagram?

Deadliest Catch fans can keep up to date with Rip on his Instagram page @rip_carlton.

He regularly shares videos and pictures from his time on board the F/V Patricia Lee, including his battles against some seriously stormy weather.

Tragedy of F/V Patricia Lee

Rip is looking for redemption on board his vessel after the tragic death of Todd Kochutin.

Todd was just 30 when he died on February 26, 2021 as a result of injuries he sustained on board the F/V Patricia Lee.

He had become one of the show’s most beloved fisherman before his tragic death, which came as a huge shock to both his colleagues and viewers.

While we don’t know the exact details of the injuries he suffered, we know they were serious enough to lead to his untimely passing.

Rip has said that he does everything he can to protect his crew on the journeys they take at all costs.

He said that he and his team will be working hard to honor their friend Todd.



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