Street Outlaws producer Michael David Helmann sadly passed away in 2022.

Just months on from his untimely death, Michael is being remembered by his co-stars and fans of Street Outlaws.

He worked on the Discovery show in 2019 and is clearly extremely missed by his loved ones.

Michael was laid to rest in August 2022, in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Who was Mike Helmann?

Michael, AKA Mike, Helmann was a TV show producer who was involved in the creation of the hit show Street Outlaws.

According to IMDb, he worked as a field producer and producer for Street Outlaws in 2019.

He also worked on other shows including Garage Rehab, 24 Hrs to Hell and Back, and Gym Rescue.

Mike was just 40 years old at the time of his death.

He was born on January 18, 1982, and passed away on August 11, 2022.

Street Outlaws stars pay tribute to Mike

In 2022, Mike Murillo of Street Outlaws paid tribute to the late Michael Helmann.

Mike wrote that Michael was “special,” and shared a video of his friend.

He also stated that “Michael was found unresponsive in his hotel room.”

Murillo added: “Michael you made the world a better place during the short time you were in it. We will never forget you or the love you showed everyone.”

🥲So as most of you know by now. We lost someone very special to us this past weekend suddenly, right before the show. Michael was found unresponsive in his hotel room on Thursday night. Any more details at this point are pure speculation. Michael David Helmann was special. Not only was Michael special to us but he was loved and cherished by so many racers in the #streetoutlaws organization. Michael was our producer🖤. Michael was THAT producer that we knew actually cared about us and treated us like family. Michael would just send random texts from time to time to say “can’t wait to see y’all” or videos at an attempt at getting the song “watermelon sugar” stuck in my head (again) for the weekend. Michael you made the world a better place during the short time you were in it. We will never forget you or the love you showed everyone. Here is a very good example of how much fun he was🙏🏽 #streetoutlaws #pilgrimstudios #michaeldavidhelmann #teamtexas

Posted by Mike Murillo Racing on Sunday, August 14, 2022

Mike Helmann’s Go Fund Me

Following Mike Helmann’s death in August 2022, a Go Fund Me page was set up for him.

The page reads: “As many of you have now heard, our best friend, brother, son, uncle, colleague, legend, and producer extraordinaire Mike Helmann has tragically left us- surprisingly and far, far too soon.”

Over $52,000 was raised via the Go Fund Me. The contributions were to go to his family.

Fans sent their condolences and prayers to Mike’s family on social media after learning of his death. Many took to the popular Street Outlaws No Prep Talk YouTube channel to say that their thoughts were with Mike’s family in 2022.

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