Tricia Wayne, known as JJ Da Boss’ wife on Street Outlaws, appeared on the latest episode in a wheelchair. Viewers began questioning what happened to her after she explained it “looks bad but is only temporary”.

She thanked her co-stars on the Discovery show for sending well-wishes and support. Trisha arrived shortly after her husband claimed he wasn’t sure whether he would ever go back to the person he was before the car wreck.

Social media posts in January 2022 showed JJ Da Boss and Tricia had been in a car wreck. Since the incident, Trisha hasn’t been present during filming, making her recent appearance the first update in a while.

Tricia Wayne was in a car wreck

Tricia and JJ Da Boss were in a car wreck while filming Street Outlaws: America’s List. They were driving separate cars when the accident happened on the night of January 12 in South Texas. They were both injured in the incident.

An update was posted on the Deep South Street Racing Facebook page on January 14, which stated: “JJ Da Boss is out of the hospital.“ The page also added details that the racer suffered burns to his hands and face.

JJ’s wife was also taken to hospital where she “had hip surgery and is now in recovery“. Since the crash, JJ said on the show he doesn’t know whether he’ll ever get the part of himself back that was there before the incident.

She is in a temporary wheelchair

Tricia turned up to the recent episode of Street Outlaws: America’s List in a wheelchair, which left viewers questioning what happened to her. She thanked her co-stars for their well-wishes and became teary during her return.

She revealed being in a wheelchair “looks bad but it’s temporary” and told cast members:

You’ve given me so much support and it truly helps me get through every day. This looks bad but this is just temporary. With that, I do have something I want to give. I have a necklace for the number one.

***WARNING: Spoiler ahead***

Tricia gifted a necklace to the racer who gets the number one spot in the race, which was later received by Ryan Martin.

Her fellow reality TV stars also welcomed her back to the drag racing scene:

Street Outlaws fans share well-wishes

After seeing Trisha was back on the racing streets to support her teammates, viewers sent messages of support to welcome her back. One fan said it was “awesome” to see JJ’s wife back out there.

Another wrote: “Sure is good to see Trisha back. She’s awesome. Lot of respect for her.”

“Awwww, welcome back Tricia!!! Almost made me cry seeing you crying! Can’t wait to see you back behind the wheel in Heifer again and be SAFE sweetie!” reacted a viewer.

A fan joined the flurry of support and posted: “That was a bad crash and both are there man, a lot of guts and nice to see both came out of that crash alive. Tricia is an awesome woman.”



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