What happened to Nick on Deadliest Catch?


What happened to Nick on Deadliest Catch?

Discovery channel’s Deadliest Catch is known for showing the reality of life for those who dedicate their lives to fishing in some of the most dangerous waters. Deadliest Catch has seen many tragedies over the years including some from injuries on board fishing vessels and others who sadly passed away unexpectedly when they weren’t filming for the show.

Deadliest Catch viewers in 2022 want to know what happened to Nick McGlashan. Nick McGlashan worked aboard the F/V Summer Bay with Captain “Wild” Bill Wichrowski. So, let’s find out more about what happened to Nick.

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Who was Nick on Deadliest Catch?

Bruce Nicholas McGlashan, AKA Nick McGlashan, was a cast member on Deadliest Catch for seven years.

He first appeared on the Discovery show in 2013 and was an eighth-generation fisherman.

Nick worked as Deck Boss and appeared in 78 episodes of the show as per The Sun.

What happened to Nick on the Deadliest Catch?

Tragically, Nick passed away in December 2020 due to an accidental drug overdose per The Sun.

The Sun’s report continues he was 33 years old and died in a Holiday Inn in Nashville Tennessee. He had flown there from his home in Florida to meet friends.

Nick reportedly “died as a result of the toxic effects of methamphetamine, cocaine and fentanyl”. The Sun reports it’s believed the Native American was a father of two.

Prior to his death, Nick could be seen on Deadliest Catch saying that he had been in poor health.

Nick said: “I spent a while at the hospital back in April for something” and added that he’d been told that he had a high white blood cell count but he decided to leave the hospital because he was “scared”.

Deadliest Catch crew pay tribute to Nick

Captain of Summer Bay, Will Bill, was filming Deadliest Catch when he received the phone call telling him of Nick’s death.

Will Bill was clearly distraught at finding out the news. Another cast member on the show said that Bill treated Nick “as family”.

Following Nick’s death, the Deadliest Catch crew paid tribute to the late 33-year-old. Will Bill spoke on the radio to the rest of the fleet: “We’re going to say goodbye to Nick McGlashan. He’ll always be with us. Love you Nick, love everything about you…”

Will Bill added: “The gap that he left, the pair of shoes, I don’t know if they’ll ever be filled”.



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